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  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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INSIGHTS / Press Releases

Planit Mobilises in Response to COVID-19

 19 Mar 2020 
INSIGHTS / Press Releases

Planit Mobilises in Response to COVID-19

 19 Mar 2020 

Statement from Mike Weale, Managing Director

Amidst the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic, Planit is committed to providing our customers with the uninterrupted support they need to successfully deliver upon new and existing transformational projects.

Our fully mobilised, permanent workforce, guarantees that quality delivery has continued as normal for customers, globally.

Planit is actively working with our customers to help them tackle new challenges associated with the evolving landscape in which we now all operate, including largescale remote working and changing customer behaviour.

For clients seeking to make-up for downtime, our well-established Digital QA, Remote and Crowd capabilities can be quickly and easily engaged to ensure the on-time delivery of high-quality applications. Our locally-based permanent workforce is also equipped with the tools to work remotely, ready to be embedded within your team no matter whether the engagement is short or long-term.

With a significant increase already sighted in security related incidents, our security team is ready and able to provide clients with the right advice and solutions to navigate these challenges, and avoid unnecessary damage to business continuity.

Our training division has pivoted all classroom training to its proven live online platform. It is already delivering SAFe and other portfolio courses, helping customers continue to educate in “new ways of working” to support the changing landscape.

We thank our wonderful staff, clients, supplier partners and the community for their on-going support, and be it crisis management, recovery or the new reality, we offer ours in return in these trying times.

COVID-19 Policy

At Planit we have actioned our COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan, which includes a strict policy to protect and support the ongoing operations of the global Planit business. It governs how we engage with customers so as to satisfy their demands, ensure the safety of our amazing team, and act responsibly to minimise the spread of disease. A link to this policy is provided below. Read the full COVID-19 Policy.

Planit Can Help

Accommodating large-scale remote working
Our quality assurance team can ensure your systems are able to effectively accommodate the demands of a large-scale remote workforce.

Adopting a cloud-based tooling
Our tools experts can help you select and implement the right cloud-based tools for your circumstance, enabling productivity and continuity while working remotely.

Addressing new security threats
Our security team can provide you with the right advice and solutions to navigate new challenges, remedying vulnerabilities and avoiding unnecessary damage. This includes our WFH Security Check.

Adapting to changing customer behaviour
Our digital, quality engineering and performance specialists can help you adapt your systems to new traffic volumes and changing customer demands. This includes our offer of free 1-to-1 Performance Risk Advice.

Assuming New Remote Ways of Working (NRWOW)
Our Agile and DevOps consultants can help you adapt your new ways of working and ensure quality, productivity and collaboration continues for your remote teams.

Assuring continuity
Our skilled local workforce can be rapidly embedded within your team for both short- and long-term engagements, connecting remotely during quarantine periods.

Mike Weale

Chief Executive Officer

Deliver Quality Quicker

At Planit, we give our clients a competitive edge by providing them with the right advice, expert skills, and technical solutions they need to assure success for their key projects. As your independent quality partner, you gain a fresh set of eyes, an honest account of your systems and processes, and expert solutions and recommendations for your challenges.
Find out how we can help you get the most out of your digital platforms and core business systems to deliver quality quicker.


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