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Meet Ajeet: A consultant with the right blueprint Meet Ajeet: A consultant with the right blueprint
INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Meet Ajeet: A consultant with the right blueprint

 25 Nov 2021 
Meet Ajeet: A consultant with the right blueprint
INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Meet Ajeet: A consultant with the right blueprint

 25 Nov 2021 

Welcome to our Meet the Team series, where we look at the lives of various Planit team members from across the company. We caught up with Ajeet Gupta, a consultant with our Hyderabad team since 2019, to find out the importance of good leadership skills, what he likes about his team, and his love of podcasts.

What is your career background?

I have 15 years of IT experience in commercial tools, open-source technologies, and technical consulting. I have also led engineering efforts in analysing and translating business information and technical requirements into an architectural blueprint for critical platform infrastructure.

What are your key areas of expertise?

Some of top areas I specialise in include HP ALM, UFT, Selenium + Java, Selenium + C#, Cucumber, API / Webservices, Agile, Jira, TFS, Bitbucket, VB Script, Jenkins, Azure, Rest Assured, Web Driver IO, typescript, and Docker.

What do you love about your job?

I get a feeling of satisfaction from working with other like-minded professionals that I can learn from, and who will also push me to take on new and challenging opportunities.

What qualities make you great at your job?

I’ve developed some strong leadership skills that enable me to mentor my team members to gain leadership skills of their own, as well as self-confidence, reliability, and honesty.

To stand out in this industry, you also need strong organisational skills, the ability to identify a team’s strengths and weaknesses, and confidence in your team leadership abilities. Being able to inspire others, show empathy toward team members, and provide feedback in a constructive way also go a long way.

What do you love about your team?

I feel that I am always supported in the decisions that I make, and that my co-workers genuinely care about my well-being, both personally and professionally.

What do you love about working for Planit?

Planit has created a pleasant work environment. I also like the “open door” policy of my managers, who are always available to talk and provide advice.

What's your favourite challenge solved in the line of duty?

The Object Spy functionality in Microfocus UFT was not working in any of the five client’s virtual machines. This meant the team was not able to proceed with any new test script development, as UFT was unable to identify any web page elements to perform an action that would mimic a user‘s action that would then be used to automate the functional scenarios.

I reached out the Microfocus support team to troubleshoot and analyse the root cause of the issue, but they were unable to identify it even after weeks of investigation. UFT then stopped displaying the error message, even though it was still not working correctly.

What was the solution and results?

It turned out that the screen resolution of the local machine affected the resolution of the virtual machines. Simply making the change on the local machine was not enough, as it was not carried over to the virtual machine, which resulted in the UFT scripts failing. All it took to fix the issue was to make the resolution changes on both ends and restart the systems.

What have you been doing in your free time recently?

I like reading blogs about cutting-edge technologies related to testing and development. I also love listening to podcasts. Every day I like to tune into a great podcast when I go outside for a walk. When I’m not walking, I do yoga and meditation to keep myself physically and mentally fit.

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