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Meet Shubhra: An empowered consultant Meet Shubhra: An empowered consultant
INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Meet Shubhra: An empowered consultant

 14 Jul 2022 
Meet Shubhra: An empowered consultant
INSIGHTS / Employee Stories

Meet Shubhra: An empowered consultant

 14 Jul 2022 

    Welcome to our Meet the Team series, where we look at the lives of various Planit team members from across the company. We caught up with Shubhra, a consultant with our Melbourne team since 2014, to find out about her experience and skills, how to manage challenging projects, and her love of baking.

    What is your career background?

    I originally started my career as a COBOL developer in 2008. It was when I branched out as a cross-skilled tester in a complex integration project that I knew that testing was my calling, which I went on to specialise from 2011 onwards.

    In 2014, I emigrated from the USA to Australia to join Planit as a test analyst. I have been with the Melbourne team, where I am now a consultant.

    What are your key areas of expertise?

    I have over a decade’s experience in test, resource, and release management, and the ability to build and lead a high performing team of test professionals. My domain experience spans supply chain management, finance, retail, utility, government, and manufacturing.

    What do you love about your job?

    Testing challenges me to do more, and be better and smarter. I also like how the testing I do has the ability to positively influence someone else’s day, whether it is in their professional or private lives.

    What makes you great at your job?

    I am a people person and a good listener. My ability to understand different programming languages is also a strength.

    What do you love about your team?

    I trust my team and firmly believe in what Becky Brodin says that, “leadership is not about wielding authority, it’s about empowering people”.

    What do you love about working for Planit?

    Planit nurtures and mentors you academically, professionally, and personally. It is an organisation that I will always be proud of for doing that.

    What's your favourite challenge solved in the line of duty?

    There was one client where I was responsible for the test management of a very complex project involving the integration of 12 different systems spanning transport management, telematics, and finance, and integration layers such as Microsoft Azure and SWAG.

    We worked on this project for 10 months and reached a crucial stage of production simulation testing, SIT cycle, and UAT in parallel. Then, eight weeks before go-live, we lost our test lead and two test analysts due to a variety of personal or medical emergencies.

    What was the solution and results?

    First, I took on more responsibilities as a test manager and lead. I then started a “war room” where the cross-skilled team was assigned several scope items on a three-day basis, and would work hand-in-hand to support test execution, defect management, and get sign off from business users.

    Some other things I implemented to help with knowledge sharing was to record all Sprints so they could be revisited as many times as needed. I also tried to ensure that no critical testing area had a single point of contact dependency.

    Putting these steps into action enabled us to meet the key deliverable dates for the project. The hypercare period after go-live was also one of the smoothest that the business had experienced.

    What have you been doing in your free time recently?

    I am an avid baker and love getting my five-year-old to assist me. I also have a green thumb and enjoy gardening, as well as listening to music on long walks.

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