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  • Increase Speed to Market
    Deliver quality quicker by optimising your delivery pipeline, removing bottlenecks, getting faster feedback from customers and iterating quickly.

  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Delight your customers in every digital interaction by optimising system quality and performance to provide a smooth, speedy and seamless user experience.

  • Maximise Your Investment
    Realise a positive ROI sooner and maximise your investment by focusing your energy on high-value features, reducing waste, and finding and fixing defects early.
  • Today’s smartphone-centric digital world is set for a major disruption. The catalyst? Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the rise of the personal digital assistant.
  • When New Zealand’s Ministry of Education (MOE) needed increased testing capability, it looked externally for the necessary resources to deliver its services to the business.

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Planit Graduate Programme <br />for Aspiring Testers

Planit Graduate Programme
for Aspiring Testers

A finalist in the 2016 NZ CIO Awards for Engaging Youth in ICT, the Planit Graduate Programme is a great choice for people looking to kick-start their career in IT, providing practical skills, workplace experience, portfolio development and career opportunities in a fun and nurturing environment.

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Join a Booming Profession

Software testing is a booming profession, driven by the immense demand for new websites and applications.

Develop your career and gain high-value experience working with some of the leading IT projects in New Zealand business and government – from banking to entertainment.

  • History of Success

    Building on our award winning Bootcamp Programme, developed in 2004, this programme provides Graduates with all the skills they need for a successful testing career.

  • Kick-starting Careers

    We have kick-started the careers of over 400 aspiring software testers, gaining training and full-time employment via our Graduate and Bootcamp Programmes.

  • Group Intakes

    Each Graduate intake hires whole groups of aspiring testers, averaging 6 Graduates per programme. Join and learn together with your team of fellow Graduates.


What is the Planit Graduate Programme?

The Planit Graduate Programme is a great opportunity to commence your career in the booming software testing industry.

Learn all the skills you will need to be a successful software tester - the same skills we teach test professionals from companies across the region!

This six month Graduate Programme commences with four weeks of training followed by real project experience and mentoring. Take part in interesting software development projects!

How it Works

The Planit Graduate Programme follows a structured recruitment process, with successful candidates offered full-time jobs working on some of the most interesting projects in the region.

The Graduate Programme Process

  • Application
    Prospective Graduates are invited to apply via our online jobs board

  • Selection Course
    Short-listed applicants attend a one week Graduate selection course

  • Graduate Training
    Graduates commence a practical four week training programme

  • Work Experience
    Apply your skills to in-house projects with client placement within 3 months

  • On-going Mentoring
    Build your skills and confidence with monthly workshops and buddy programmes

  • Certification
    Get qualified, achieving your ISTQB Foundation Certificate

  • Career Planning
    Engage in career path assessment and 12 month career planning

Graduate Training Overview

Your six month Graduate cycle will commence with four weeks of training full of practical exercises. It includes the following short courses:

  • Introduction to Planit

  • Workplace Survival Skills

  • Creating Quality Requirements

  • Test Case Design

  • Test Techniques Workshop

  • e-Business Testing

  • Agile Essentials

  • Risk Based Testing

  • Introduction to Test Tools

What will you learn?
  • Understand the role of testing in the system development lifecycle
  • Describe the fundamentals of testing
  • Understand the objectives of testing and testing techniques
  • Define and implement a professional approach to testing
  • Undertake functional decomposition and risk analysis of the system under test
  • Define and prioritise test criteria
  • Learn effective test design techniques
  • Be able to interpret test metrics
  • Undertake incident / defect management
  • Recall the roles and responsibilities related to testing
  • Identify the levels of testing and test types
  • Create quality user requirement and functional requirement specifications
  • Understand all aspects of the review process and perform reviews effectively
  • Understand how specifications are use
  • Understand the key concepts behind agile software development
  • Develop SQL skills
  • Understand cloud computing
  • Gain mobile applications testing skills
  • Become an ‘effective defect detective’

Interested in the Graduate Programme?

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“Being a part of the Graduate Program at Planit has been the perfect first step in my testing career. Training, support and challenging work is exactly what a student fresh out of University needs and is what Planit has been able to provide.

"Milestones were set up to monitor progress and help growth. This is especially important as consultants where problems or concerns faced at a client site could be discussed and resolutions derived. Long term goals are created with the help of assigned buddies so that our career development is continued after moving on from the Graduate Tester role.”

Patrick Hempstead, former Graduate