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Test Policy, Strategy & Planning

Test Policy, Strategy & Planning

Without a Test Policy, Strategy and Planning your teams will struggle to deliver  on time, within budget, to scope and within your risk profile and quality attributes.

Planit consultants can partner with you to set your policy focussed on quality, which in turn enables you to understand and drive the “WHAT” contained within the Strategy and the “HOW” outlined within the plan

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Realise the benefits

Get these right and you are setting yourself up for success within your testing discipline.

  • Test Policy

    It is critical  to ensure that your overall direction of testing is defined and that this is referenced by all projects.  Our consultants can help you articulate this, driving the value of your testing.

  • Test Strategy

    Our test consultants have extensive experience in this area and can draw from previous knowledge ensuring that your strategy applies to your context and reflects your risk profile.

  • Test Planning

    Planning is a continuous activity that needs to respond to changing requirements.  Our consultants have a wealth of knowledge which will help your projects to stay on track.

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Testing Policy

Influence and define the direction of your testing to provide structure across your projects and align consistent testing throughout your organisation.

Provide structure to your projects

  • Defining Testing Objectives

  • Evaluating Testing Effectiveness

  • Outlining Typical Testing Processes

  • Setting How To Adopt Improvements

Test Strategy

Effectively define your test methodology, catering the chosen strategy to your specific project conditions, such as levels of risk and regulatory requirements.

Leverage our expertise to set a strategy that fits each project and the organisation

  • Adhering to international standards ISO 25000

  • Analytical strategies such as risk-based testing

  • Methodical strategies such as quality characteristic-based

  • Model-based strategies such as operational profiling

Test Planning

Introduce discipline to set your plan effectively, considering how you are going to design the testing, but be flexible enough to respond to changing conditions.

Test Planning is an ongoing activity

  • Aligned to the Test Policy and Strategy

  • Monitored and tracked on a daily basis

  • Tailored to the context of the project

  • The Test Plan needs to be maintained

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