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Australian Rugby Union Case Study - Test Strategy & Execution

By Planit Software Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

10 Oct 2005


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Software Testing

10 Oct 2005


Australian Rugby Union Limited (ARU) is the governing body of Rugby Union in Australia. It controls the Rugby Super 12 and the Tri Nations series involving teams from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

The ARU has developed a complex ‘customer’ database which includes details about players, referees, linespeople and so on. The details include not just members’ contact details, but status of membership and level of involvement. Members have access to this database and can login via the ARU website to access their information.

The ARU IT department provides systems and software to the whole of ARU. The majority of development works is designed and built internally following the IBM Rational Unified Process (RUP).

They started a Data Quality (DQ) project to address a number of data inconsistencies that existed within the database. They were undertaking this software testing inhouse and had, on most occasions, used their developers to complete any necessary testing.

ARU Online Services Manager, Greg West said, “We needed quality testing and instant feedback to ensure the project kept moving but not at the cost of quality. Multi skilling (programmers or BA’s testing) was not effective and delayed the next project from commencing.”

“We needed a provider who we could partner with, deliver quality and improve our process by providing the missing link in the end-to-end development life cycle,” said Mr West.


Planit was engaged as an independent body to provide objectivity when testing. Planit supplied a Test Strategy which set out the testing objectives, scope and approach for the project and provided a test team to prepare and execute testing. Planit managed the project through working with the ARU to implement a test management tool to augment the test process.


The ARU were exceptionally pleased with the outcome of the testing. Data validation was the primary goal of the project and was achieved at a number of different levels.

“We was particularly pleased with the level of quality and project control Planit provided us. Working with them freed up our resources and provided specialised skills which we could trust to complete the project on time. We now also have precise documents and reference for future development work,” said Mr West.

By using Planit to assist with the Data Quality Project, the ARU introduced formal testing processes in the system delivery. As a result, the time, cost and effort expended on testing were both efficient and effective.

The state of the system in terms of its fitness for purpose was entirely measurable and major risk areas were tested systematically ensuring there would be no surprises later down the track.

“Working with Planit allowed us to focus on our core business. We understand that testing is very hard to do well and can be a difficult discipline to estimate. Planit reduced our risk and provided insurance and quality control, which was peace of mind for us,” said Mr West.

As a result of the success of the project, Planit now has an ongoing relationship with the ARU and provides Consultancy and Testing Services when required.

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