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Tabcorp Case Study - Testing Consultancy & Delivery

By Planit Software Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

28 May 2008


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Software Testing

28 May 2008

Tabcorp not gambling with software testing

Tabcorp turns to Planit during busy times to boost its solutions assurance team with experienced testers who can hit the ground running. The entertainment giant also takes advantage of Planit’s training courses to ensure the team takes a consistent approach to testing


Tabcorp is a diversified entertainment group, consisting of three major business units – casinos, wagering and gaming. It manages leading Australian brands such as Star City, TAB, Tabaret, Sportsbet, Jupiter’s and Keno and employs around 11,000 people across the country.

Tabcorp first engaged Planit a number of years ago for assistance with process improvement and advice on how its testing salaries compared with the market. In 2005, Tabcorp then brought Planit testing resources on board to support a project to consolidate the company’s NSW and Victorian wagering systems. Since then, Tabcorp has used Planit testing staff to help manage the changing workload of the solutions assurance team.

“Work in our team is quite peaky,” explains Matt Bunnett, Team Leader, Solutions Assurance, Gaming Solutions, Tabcorp. “Our relationship with Planit means we can run with quite a small team for the most part then engage other professionals during the spikes.”


On top of using Planit resources to help manage the busy periods, Tabcorp also trains its staff through Planit’s courses. Tabcorp has put its entire testing staff through Planit’s ISTQB Foundation course and, in time, Bunnett would like to extend this training to the Advanced Certificate.

“I certainly align myself with Planit as far as training and improving the career prospects of my staff,” Bunnett says. “By putting our staff through the same courses we can ensure the team is using the same terminology and following similar testing processes. By streamlining this and having staff trained in a consistent style, the group has a real sense of cohesion.”

Bunnett says the standard of Planit staff has made handling the peak times easier because there is very little down time when new resources join the project.

“We’ve been able to use Planit’s staff in that way because we’ve found them to be very well trained,” says Bunnett. “This means they can hit the ground running and, even without having the domain knowledge, they can pick things up fairly quickly.”


Although Tabcorp hasn’t used Planit resources to consult on testing processes, it’s something Bunnett is considering.

“When you’ve been in an organisation for a while it’s always good to get external input to see how you can improve,” he says. “In that way, Planit is very good at providing its clients with information to assist them and provide an industry perspective.

“For example, I attended a forum with Planit to provide my input into the Testing Index they are running. This was a great opportunity to get a feel for what different people think and to step outside my own little world. Planit seems to be on the front foot in a number of areas like this.”

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