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ISTQB Advanced Test Manager: What's Changed in the 2012 Syllabus

By Blake Young | Marketing Manager

INSIGHTS // Articles

4 Apr 2013


INSIGHTS // Articles


By Blake Young

4 Apr 2013

The recent ISTQB Advanced Syllabus updates have been focused on improving content covered in the Advanced Test Manager certification, with no changes being made to course duration or examination structure. Details of the new syllabus course are outlined below.

Build upon and Accredit your Test Management Skills

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Course Duration
Course Price
Exam Duration Exam Questions Exam Price
5 days
$3,000 + GST
180 minutes
65 Questions
$350 + GST
Major Changes in Syllabus Update 
  • The principal Test Manager subjects covered remain the same. However, the content has been improved.
  • Redundancies with Foundation Level have been removed (e.g. reviews).
  • The Expert Level syllabi “Test Management” and “Improving the Test Process” are now available. Scoping and alignment with these syllabi has taken place.
  • The defect management chapter is no longer based on IEEE-1044 and focuses more on setting up a defect management lifecycle and using defect data for process improvement.
New Syllabus Course Content 

ISTQB Advanced Test Manager-Course Content

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A brief summary of the Advanced Syllabus Updates is included in the table below. Further information is available via the course links or by downloading the ISTQB Advanced Syllabus Info Evening presentation slides.

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Course Changes
Days  Price Exam  More Info
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