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Amdocs Case Study – Seamless Integration for Success

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

15 Dec 2016


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

15 Dec 2016

Founded in 1982, Amdocs has more than 24,000 employees and serves customers in over 90 countries. It is a products and services enterprise, and the market leader in customer experience software solutions and services for the world’s largest communications, entertainment and media service providers.

Dror Avrilingi, Regional Testing Lead, Amdocs

“I am responsible for all of Amdocs’ testing in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, where we’re always looking to use onshore testing partners. I was impressed from the start with Planit’s full-time investment in their people, and their quality of training, which is so good we used Planit to certify our own people.

“They’re modest, trustworthy, reliable, and fulfil all of our requests. The culture extends throughout the organisation, with the training and support provided by management being excellent.

“Planit’s value proposition is clear at every turn. It’s a whole package delivery, and their price is fair and competitive.

“There were times when we had lots of Planit people on projects and other times when our needs were minimal, yet we were accorded the same VIP treatment regardless. In many cases, I needed the number of people to ramp up and down very quickly, and Planit’s ability to do this is a big advantage.

“The quality of Planit’s people is outstanding and of great value. When Planit people were on-site, it was seamless, as if they were Amdocs people.

“When it came to value add, Planit goes above and beyond with skills and talents that deliver increased quality. Planit uses a continuous feedback loop as an iterative process to proactively raise the visibility of a project’s risk.

 “There’s no question that engaging Planit’s personnel has led to improved customer satisfaction. In fact, the interdependent approach Planit takes to their functional and technical services means these critical aspects are covered and the performance of applications is enhanced.

“I have always appreciated Planit’s genuine approach to exceeding my expectations. It is a pleasure to recommend Planit to anyone who wishes to partner with an outstanding organisation in the testing industry.”

Dror Avrilingi
Regional Testing Lead
Melbourne, Australia

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