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Bravura Solutions Case Study – Capability and Capacity through Strategy

By Planit Software Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

14 Nov 2016


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Software Testing

14 Nov 2016

Bravura Solutions is a leading global supplier of software and professional services for superannuation, pension, and life insurance. They also offer services around investment, private wealth, transfer agency, and financial messaging.

They employ over 930 people in 12 offices across eight countries. Planit was engaged to deliver testing and improve the quality of Bravura’s releases.

Rachel Demler, Customer Configurations and CAS Manager, Bravura Solutions

“Our engagement with Planit began when we were seeking to support one of our clients and recognised that we needed to fill a capability and capacity gap. This was a proactive strategy so that we could be responsive to fully meet our client’s needs.

“We needed a vendor with flexibility and that’s exactly what Planit provided, particularly as the assignment evolved. It started as a requirement for functional testing, and as a result of Planit’s work with us, we were able to improve the quality of the releases for our client.

“It evolved to support the client’s end-to-end testing, and then went on to form the basis of an automated test suite. Representatives from our client came to New Zealand and, together with Planit, we were able to work face-to-face with them.

“Our partnership with Planit is solid, proven, and trusted. Their responsiveness enables us to scale very quickly, and Planit people are among the best trained and qualified I’ve seen.

“Planit’s graduate programme is outstanding, not to mention unique. I’ve just taken on another team of graduates, all of which are bright and professional young minds in testing and quick to on-board. When Planit people arrive, they’re ready, willing and able to contribute their best.

“When we are faced with a non-moveable delivery date, I am able to meet these challenging deadlines with Planit’s help.

“We appreciate Planit’s holistic approach to functional and technical testing services, as they raise technical issues encountered during functional testing. End-to-end testing and their ability to make observations in all areas is a huge benefit for us and our clients.

“Planit adds value through innovating and aligning with us to meet our business goals. Their support to date has been invaluable, and there’s so much more that they can offer, so recommending them is a pleasure.

“Ours is a story of relationship building and collaboration in action, and we’re with Planit for the long haul. They’re trusted, transparent, and possess all the qualities we need for an enduring partnership.”

Rachel Demler
Customer Configurations and CAS Manager
Bravura Solutions
Auckland, New Zealand

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