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27 Statistics Underpinning Digital Project Demands

By Blake Young | Group Marketing Manager

INSIGHTS // Articles

2 Apr 2017


INSIGHTS // Articles


By Blake Young

2 Apr 2017

In an increasingly complex digital landscape, customer expectations for quality are growing with zero tolerance for issues. Customers expect digital systems to not only work, but to provide a great user experience.

Planit Digital QA: 27 stats underpinning the demands on digital projects

We've compiled twenty seven statistics to help you understand how digital demands affect your projects, including ways in which Planit can help you solve them. Let's start with four key points to be aware of:

  • 53% of users will uninstall a mobile app that crashes, freezes or has errors.1
  • 44% of online shoppers will tell friends about a bad online experience.2
  • 62% of customers base future purchases on past experiences.2
  • 37% of users think less of a company's brand if their mobile app has issues.1

In addition to the above statistics, organisations also face specific challenges across compatibility, usability, accessibility, performance and security.

  • 50% of web traffic is on mobile with a further 5% on tablet.3
  • Screen resolutions, browsers and OS versions in use vary significantly.3
Screen Resolution Browser Version Operating Systems
18% @ 360 × 640 28% Chrome Desktop 39% Windows
13% @ 1366 × 768 23% Chrome Android 37% Android
7% @ 1920 × 1080 9% Safari iPhone 13% iOS
62% other ! 40% other ! 5% OSX
  • 68% of users will leave a website due to an unintuitive user interface.2
  • 80% of users will attempt to use a problematic mobile app 3 times or less.1
  • 15% of the world’s population (1bn people) experience some form of disability.4
  • The aging population is expected to grow by 300% by 2050.5
  • 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if a page takes over 3 seconds to load.6
  • 49% of users expect a mobile app to respond in 2 seconds or less.1
  • 36% of users will stop using a mobile app due to heavy battery usage.1
  • 86% of websites have at least one serious vulnerability, most containing 2+.7
  • The average cost of a data breach is $4 million.8
Need help navigating these challenges?

These stats barely scratch the surface on this complex digital landscape. If you need help simplifying your path to quality, we can help. Our Digital QA On-Demand team can be engaged at a moment's notice to test your website or app. Our digital consultants can provide expert advice for your digital transformation. Or you can boost your digital project by engaging our team of specialists across automation, performance, security, service virtualization, accessibility and more.


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