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LEAP Dev Case Study – Extending Testing Capability

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

12 Oct 2017


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

12 Oct 2017

LEAP is an integrated legal practice management and legal accounting software company that’s been helping lawyers since 1992. More than 5000 Australian law firms use LEAP software, which is designed to be practical and user friendly so anyone can use the system, even those without legal experience.

The company’s promise is that “firms using LEAP make more money”, and LEAP is dedicated to ensuring its products and services do just that. LEAP commits more than $10,000,000 a year to research and development (R&D) to ensure its software is the best possible practice management solution for small law firms.

LEAP Dev is the R&D arm of the LEAP business. It specialises in delivering complex enterprise-level apps that offer outstanding user experience. As the Engineering Manager, Patrick Tsang coordinates his team on the improvement of LEAP’s legal software.

Patrick Tsang, Head of Quality Engineering, LEAP DEV

My focus is quality assurance and in the ever-evolving digital world at LEAP Dev, we need to be innovative, efficient and cost effective. In fact, LEAP Dev’s stated goal is to be smarter, better and faster than all our competitors. Testing is a critical part of our Quality Engineering Practice and we like to implement testing solutions that push the boundaries of what is current industry standard.

“The sheer volume of regression testing was becoming an issue due to the product expansion and increased frequency of release cycles. I needed external testing capability to complement our own team for the manual testing of our LEAP product. 

“I had worked with numerous Planit people in the past and had a good relationship with them. They recommended using their off-shore capability to ensure quality for our product. It also made sense to use them for keeping costs down.

“Planit is an Australian firm and they take full responsibility for project quality, even if their teams are located in different geographical locations. The overseas team we used was certainly a good match for our needs and came at a great price point.

“Due diligence is always required, so I looked at four big vendors with the view of price and capability matching. What I found was they were charging considerably more for a similar service.

“I felt confident in trusting Planit’s recommendation for a few reasons. Firstly, they source skilled people. I’ve used their people before and found them to be good. Secondly, I admire their hiring process and the fact that they understand that good people are key.

Global yet local capability

“The amount of value added by Planit’s global team far exceeded the amount paid.

For example, test case creation and execution are exponentially increasing thanks to the off-shore team.

“From the time Planit joined us, manual test case creation increased by 550.63% and manual execution by 3,289%. The fact that the off-shore team focused on the manual testing meant that LEAP Dev could focus on auto test creation and execution. These increased by 910% and 4,230% respectively.

“The project involved Planit’s people working with our test team in a partnership to extend our capability, and they performed exceptionally well. As a result, we received the support we needed to honour our commitment to providing the highest standard of software to our stakeholders and clients.

“The benefits we received from Planit’s contribution as our testing partners include:

  • Increasing visibility of our risk position from the insight we gained as a result of Planit’s testing.
  • Accelerating our delivery and shifting our team’s focus to automation, knowing we could completely trust Planit with the manual testing.
  • Improving customer experience and increasing the quality and performance of our product.

“Planit is a great company that’s easy to work with. They are proactive in their commitment to continuous improvement and seek to add value by aligning themselves with us.

“They are also able to assist when we need them, tailor their plans for us, and are easy to contact. The whole team, as well as the account manager, were really great.”

Patrick Tsang
Head of Quality Engineering
Sydney, Australia

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