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  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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Melbourne Airport Case Study – First Choice Test Partner

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

1 Feb 2017


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

1 Feb 2017

Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, is the second busiest airport in Australia and the 50th busiest airport in the world. The airport hosted 31 million passengers in 2015 with more than 64 million expected by 2033.

There are a lot of systems at work to provide a full service to passengers and staff. Planit has been engaged in numerous of these projects over the years, ranging from infrastructure and applications to car parking technology and finance systems.

Vic Raymond, Planning Architecture & Delivery, ICT Strategy Manager, Melbourne Airport

“Planit was initially recommended to us a number of years ago by a colleague to assist in the testing of a number of major infrastructure and applications projects being undertaken at Melbourne Airport. These projects were diverse and large in nature, and required some experienced software, infrastructure, and implementation guidance with testing.

“On engagement, Planit was able to quickly understand our projects and culture, and worked well with ICT and the business to successfully deliver these projects. They impressed with their strong customer focus, consultative manner, and willingness to roll their sleeves up and be part of the team. They’re very flexible, responsive and adaptive in their ability to fit in with the style and processes we use.

“From planning through to delivery, they engage readily and make an effort to understand our business and people. Based on the great outcomes of the first couple of projects, Planit has become our first choice as a test partner.

 “Planit has been able to work with us on a variety of projects, from infrastructure through to applications, from car parking technology to finance systems. With Planit’s involvement, we have been able to generally deliver projects on time and ensure we have a quality outcome with minimal defects.

“Having strong test planning and principles pays off in terms of rework and overall project cost. As a value-add, Planit provides capability to the team via knowledge transfer and customised test artefacts they’ve developed for us.

Planit is currently engaged in a number of core systems upgrades and replacements being undertaken within the airport. They continue to demonstrate their breadth of testing experience and expertise in current engagements within the airport, adding real value to ICT and the business.

“As such, Planit has become a strong partner in delivering technology systems outcomes, and ensuring that quality, timely and cost-effective results are achieved.”

Vic Raymond
Manager, ICT Strategy, Planning Architecture & Delivery
Melbourne Airport
Melbourne, Australia

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