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  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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MLC Case Study – Quality and Capability of People

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

8 Nov 2017


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

8 Nov 2017

As National Australia Bank’s (NAB’s) wealth management business, MLC provides investments, superannuation and financial advice to corporate, institutional and retail customers. With access to the expertise and capabilities of the entire NAB Group, MLC’s approach is focussed on life-long financial empowerment of their customers.

Recently, NAB partnered with one of the world’s leading life insurers, Nippon Life Insurance Group, to create a new insurance business – MLC Life Insurance. Its purpose is to provide customers with innovative, competitive, flexible and trusted superannuation and life insurance solutions and services.

John Lombardo, UAT Delivery Manager, Bank Wealth Transformation and Business Support, MLC

“MLC’s commitment to its customers starts from leadership and spreads down throughout the organisation, with an overarching focus on quality as the company invests in expansion and delivering change. Technological enhancements that benefit customers is at the core for change and expansion, and managing the associated risk is an important directive.  

“We had about ten in-house people working on UAT and the projects were growing, which meant we needed to find quality outsourced people to work with us. We met with three or four groups in order to meet our external selection quality requirements.

“The most important aspect of any partnership is mutual trust. Planit has a reputation for operating a good onshore team, and they were one of the groups we invited to have a chat.

“Aside from proven capability and capacity, there are three important criteria for me in selecting partners:

  1. First impression of honesty and integrity.
  2. Onshore capability to enable quicker resolution of issues.
  3. A large bench to enable turnaround and people as needed.

“When we met with Planit, the ease of conversation enabled honesty and integrity to be established straight away. They were articulate and explained that, as straight shooters, they would speak up if they saw something happening they believed was not in our best interests, even though we might not necessarily like it.

“The other aspect that impressed me was their offer of competitive pricing based on a previous rate card. By engendering this level of trust and collaboration from the start, and by easily meeting the other two criteria, Planit was selected over the other contenders.

“There are several standout services Planit provides, including the fact that they are easy to do business with. We have monthly reporting and catch-ups, and the engagement is solid and invaluable. I can call Planit any time and ask for specific business needs with testing and they can provide.

“In addition,

  • The relationships we have with all the Planit people are great.
  • Planit’s technical capability is excellent. Each person is very capable and they bring their knowledge to our group.
  • Their people have real business acumen, and are lateral and analytical. We recruit for the business because we need the technical know-how, and Planit people bring much more because they understand the end user.
  • They are innovative thinkers who we call upon for new initiatives because they contribute to our growth and development.

“Quality and capability is what every one of the people that comes off their bench is able to contribute, and it’s the reason we can deliver such quality over the last 4-5 years.

 “With the help of Planit’s technical expertise, we can implement changes safely and deliver quality systems. For example, they produce test defects early, which provides early visibility and identification of issues. 

“Planit’s responsiveness and fast track recruitment process for us means we can on-board great people within a week. This is a key benefit, and whereas other companies may take four weeks, Planit enables accelerated delivery and crucial big projects are delivered on time with minimal defects.

“The impact of Planit’s contribution ensures our customers’ experience is improved and the quality of our products is enhanced. They help us ensure the optimised functionality of applications and that we meet NAB’s quality directive. 

“Planit people are proactive in their support of continuous improvement. We can rely on their skills and business acumen to escalate issues and propose solutions in our best interests.

“Planit’s business is so important to us because of their people, from leadership through to their recruits. They have the right processes to get the right people to give us the right solutions.

“Quality and capability is what every one of the people who comes of their bench is able to contribute, and it’s the reason we can deliver such great quality over the last 4-5 years. Our partnership with Planit means my needs are 100% met.”

John Lombardo
UAT Delivery Manager
Bank Wealth Transformation and Business Support
Victoria, Australia

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