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Cuscal Case Study – Best People, Best Outcome

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

20 Feb 2018


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

20 Feb 2018

Cuscal is Australia’s leading independent provider of end-to-end payment solutions, including card and acquiring products, mobile payments, fraud prevention, EFT switching and direct entry. They process 14 per cent of Australia’s EFT transactions, have over seven million cards under management, and switch and acquire approximately 35 per cent of Australia’s ATMs.

In recent years, Cuscal has been helping clients capitalise on the current digital revolution in the payments industry. As one of the primary architects of the New Payments Platform (NPP), Cuscal has been diligently working alongside Australia’s major financial institutions to design this pivotal banking infrastructure for both financial and non-financial institutions.

Laura Johnson, Senior Delivery Assurance Manager, Cuscal

“NPP had a very large component of non-functional testing (NFT) required and we had limited capability in that area. Having worked with Planit previously and hearing of their NFT capability, we invited them to present to our contract and vendor management committee.

“In January 2017, I was joined by our first representative from Planit, who very quickly proved to be a fantastic resource. Within a couple of months, we realised how critical and widespread the need for NFT was both internally and externally.

“The work extended to 6-7 days a week, and not long after the team grew with a further four resources – two of whom were to focus on the internal aspects and another two to add to the external NPP industry.

The Planit and Cuscal partnership

“Despite its global presence, Planit has a small company feel and is completely trustworthy, upfront and transparent.

“Professionally and personally, Planit is aligned with my own, and Cuscal’s, values, which is an important foundation for success. Planit also has a high respect for their staff visible through their communication, support and demonstrated care. 

“A big win for me with the NPP project was having the extraordinary capability of Planit’s resources and the support of talented team members. For example, one team member was recognised through multiple internal awards as acknowledgement of his contribution, dedication and the significant impact he made.

ROI and benefits

“One of the savings for me in my role was that Planit has the skills, tools and rigorous recruitment process to enable me to skip the technical interviewing. Their recruitment and training is well-known to be best practice, so I knew I could trust them to find people with the best fit.

Risk mitigation

“We knew what was wrong and that’s why we wanted Planit’s non-functional testing capability. Once on board, they quickly and succinctly worked to mitigate risk.

“Due to the thoroughness of the test coverage, and the issues raised and resolved during delivery, the product risks primarily associated with regulation and certification were highlighted and subsequently reduced.

Timely delivery

“We had set timeframes, milestones and deliverables, a combination of both internal and external. I’m pleased to say that these were achieved due to the Planit team’s good work ethic and excellent organisation. The team also helped identify, estimate and plan the internal non-functional test effort for NPP.

Improved customer experience

“The key facets of customer experience relating to NPP are accuracy, speed and reliability.  As a result of the careful planning and execution of non-functional test phases, and the resolution of defects found during testing, the customer experience was improved to meet the industry-imposed standards.

Increased product quality

“The key product quality measures assessed by the Planit non-functional test team for the NPP implementation were performance, resilience, reconciliation and maintainability. As a result of the detailed planning and execution of suitable test cases focused on these quality measures, along with addressing defects found in these tests, the overall quality of the product was enhanced to meet the strict industry standards.

Optimised app performance

“As a result of the non-functional testing we engaged Planit to do for the NPP implementation, they were able to demonstrate that the product was fit for purpose and it met all the industry-imposed service level agreements for performance.

Commitment to continuous improvement

“The dedication and commitment of the Planit team, and their flexible approach, such as providing shift work where necessary, enabled them to deliver a large scope of testing in a relatively short window compared with other development and test phases. In turn, this enabled us to move forward with the NPP implementation in line with the tight industry deadlines.

“All five members of the non-functional testing team were exceptional, individually and collectively. They were faced with difficult and unique challenges, and always acted professionally and with grace.

“They’re a bunch of superstars and I’d have employed all of them! Planit made the seemingly impossible, possible. 

Recommending Planit

“After such a successful experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Planit and would look to partner with them again for NFT-related solutions.

“If you’re seeking to partner with a best of breed organisation for non-functional testing, I can strongly recommend Planit for consideration. From experience, you’ll get the best fit with people who will give you the best outcomes.”

Laura Johnson
Senior Delivery Assurance Manager
Sydney, Australia

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