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  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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Keystart Home Loans Case Study - Growth and Development

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

9 Oct 2018


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

9 Oct 2018

Keystart Home Loans (Keystart) was established in 1989 as an initiative of the West Australian Government to provide low-deposit home loans to West Australians unable to meet the deposit requirements from mainstream lenders. Keystart’s mission is to provide transitional finance solutions to assist families from a variety of backgrounds move into an affordable home of their own.

Since inception, Keystart has helped more than 100,000 West Australians access home ownership.  This is achieved by providing a variety of home loan options with low deposit for both first and subsequent homebuyers.

Luke Thomas, CIO, Keystart Home Loans

The project

“Keystart’s bespoke core lending application manages the loan process from start to finish, i.e. enquiry through to eventual discharge. I was seeking to implement an automated testing suite called Telerik Test Studio to assist with our regression testing efforts.  

“We operate on a four weekly release cycle that delivers new functionality to our core lending application. As part of this release cycle, regression testing is imperative in making sure existing functionality continues to work perfectly. 

“Our regression testing process was completely manual and took a skilled quality assurance person four days to complete. Only core functionality was covered in that time due to the size and complexity of our systems.

“The brief was clear: we need to utilise an automated testing framework to reduce the manual effort involved and provide greater testing coverage of our core lending system.

“We approached a number of testing companies, but they didn’t have the depth of knowledge that we needed. Frankly, we knew we’d be paying for their learning.   

“So I did a search on Google and found Planit’s LinkedIn page. I contacted them and they came in to see us.

“There was an immediate willingness to share knowledge and research. These were people who would be part of the team.

Preferred testing partner

“We’ve engaged a lot of consultants but Planit was just easy and frictionless. They were able to get up to speed with Telerik and I could trust them.

“They were also accommodating to our needs and nothing was a problem, even when there was a delay from our side. Planit has good people at all levels and the results speak for themselves.

ROI and benefits

“Being able to demonstrate ROI is an important part of my role.  The following excerpts from my report show how we measure the benefits with “before” and “after” results.

ROI and benefits with before and after results

ROI and benefits with before and after results

Additional benefits include:
  • We’re seeking to make roles for people more enjoyable, interesting and challenging by reducing and removing the boring repetitive tasks that often cause the most problems. 
  • The system is reliable, automated and less reliant on capable and skilled people operating a boring and repetitive task – and it’s faster compared to a person.
  • It used to take four days for one person to complete regression testing every release cycle – now the automated part runs every night in just three hours.
  • It’s fully programmable and reusable with the ability to incorporate new features as we grow.
  • We are able to streamline processes and procedures.
  • It provides a gateway to robotic automation in the future.

The benefits of further testing include: 

Increased visibility of potential problems
  • Reduction in risk.
  • Bug affected functionality.
  • Enhanced system performance for the end user.
Accelerated delivery
  • Manual regression effort is down to two days from four, which has freed up that time for personal development and other forms of quality assurance.
  • Having fewer bugs and reduced defects provide a better experience for customers.
Increased product quality

“Keystart seeks to increase the quality of our products as part of our overall commitment to continuous improvement. This includes ensuring the system has minimal failure that results in lower costs, happier customers, and more business referrals.

Commitment to continuous improvement 

“Our engagement with Planit resulted with the growth and development of our own testing team. This has come from feedback from the team themselves.

“Companywide feedback is that the project has bolstered the team’s engagement within their own roles. Inspired from the engagement with Planit, the development team is now looking for ways to be innovative in their own areas.

Recommending Planit

I would encourage anyone who needs testing services to speak to Planit first. You could look around or you could go straight to the ones who know what they’re talking about and how to implement it.”

Luke Thomas

Keystart Home Loans
East Perth, Western Australia

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