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  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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Ministry of Education Case Study – Professionalism and Commitment

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

27 Sep 2018


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

27 Sep 2018

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is the New Zealand Government’s lead advisor on the country’s education system, shaping direction for sector agencies and providers, and contributing to the Government’s goals for education.

The Ministry’s role extends across all areas of education. This includes the provision of strategic leadership, support and resources for the community and teachers, interventions for target student groups, and school property portfolio management.

The Testing Services Division provides support to all business and project teams across the Ministry, and is tasked with improving software quality across the enterprise. This includes both functional and technical testing, as well as performance testing and automation for both BAU and capital projects, including proof of concepts.

Joash Price, Manager of Testing Services, Ministry of Education

“With an ever-increasing technological landscape comes the need for increased testing capability, and our testing division requires the best resources to deliver our services to the business. Initially, we needed to engage testing partners in the technical and functional testing space and, for many good reasons, our choice was Planit. 

MOE’s preferred testing partner

“Currently, Planit works with us in functional, technical, performance and automation testing.   

“I feel like a priority customer in the way they work with me and my team. They adapt to accommodate our requests, and are flexible, responsive and supportive in supporting our environment. 

“We have a partnership with Planit and they work with us to achieve our immediate and long-term goals. They have a great team, organisation and culture.

Tangible benefits

“There are numerous benefits from having Planit as our testing partner. They enable us to:

  • Accelerate our delivery. Their professionalism, commitment and flexibility is particularly important because we often need to ramp up to meet demands with delivering key Ministry projects. They contribute skills we couldn’t have facilitated in-house, and this increases our delivery performance across multiple projects.
  • Optimise our performance. They are very professional in their approach to coaching our stakeholders and translating the technical speak into easy to understand language that the various business units appreciate. Performance SLAs are always met. For example, automating key platforms and systems, accelerating delivery, and improving assurance, confidence, and quality.
  • Enhance our testing brand. They do this by complementing our test team and helping me to provide internal education of best practice test solutions. This has resulted in improved experiences for the business, who are our stakeholders, raising our profile in a positive way.
  • Achieve the best use of resources and maximum value we can offer. Their proactive partnership approach to raising potential risks through testing provides an ongoing quality improvement mechanism that instils confidence and assurance with business areas in the organisation.
  • Always find better ways to do things and add value. Their commitment to continuous improvement is evident through their suggestions and tool optimisation, which is particularly valuable to me, our team and the MOE.
Recommending Planit

“The team at Planit are a pleasure to work with and I enjoy all my interactions with them. They’re easy to work with and nothing is a problem. They’re also good at what they do.”

Joash Price
Manager of Testing Services

Ministry of Education
Wellington, New Zealand

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