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  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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Retail Case Study – Right People for the Right Job

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

1 Feb 2018


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

1 Feb 2018

This major national retail chain employs thousands of employees and operates hundreds of outlets throughout Australia. Their Testing Services Division is responsible for delivering quality testing services to multiple business areas across the organisation. For close to five years, the division’s Senior Test Manager, together with the Co-Senior Test Manager, has worked closely and collaboratively with Planit.

Senior Test Manager, Major National Retail Chain

“The findings of a report, commissioned to provide a standardised framework for how we test at our organisation, identified that we needed to develop a solid team of testers to assist in our delivery to the highest testing standard. In essence, we needed a test panel as our partners to ensure we had ongoing IP retention in our team.

“Five potential candidates were short-listed, and via an extensive and challenging tender process, Planit went the distance and proved themselves as the best partner for us. They listen to our requirements, their flexibility is brilliant, and the way they operate in our complex environment is appreciated.

“Planit hires the best people and we are able to trust their recommendations. This saves us time and money on the recruitment process, because we know we get the best.

Over the years, we have had 70 to 80 people from Planit. Now we have approximately 50 and they are all high quality.

“It’s the quality of people that makes Planit our first port of call for all testing at fast notice. Their turnaround is excellent and they supply from their own internal team, so the knowledge flows through. Downtime is minimised, delivery is maximised and the team culture remains positive.

“The cost drivers compared to other test partners are significant. Planit works within our budget and doesn’t allow cost to dictate their desire to deliver. They genuinely care for the outcome and that has been a key benefit of working with Planit this entire time.

“Another benefit of Planit’s testing capability is their essential support and contribution to risk assessment, which provides us with proactive insight to potential risks and possible impacts. We are able to meet our test delivery requirements because they are completely responsive to our needs, and can ramp up quickly and efficiently as projects come in.

“Planit’s contribution also extends to improving customer experience, which is good for our brand. Their knowledge and skills are willingly shared internally, so we can innovate in areas like the ease of an application’s use, speed of response, and stability.

“I appreciate their commitment to continuous improvement, and they demonstrate this by promptly acting on feedback and taking all the necessary steps that add value to us and our business.

“There’s no question that Planit’s testing increases our product quality. For example, in one project, Planit’s contribution enabled us to save approximately $430K as a result of their competence in delivering the desired outcome. That was a big win for us.”

Senior Test Manager
Major National Retail Chain

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