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Life at Planit: Elaine’s Surprise Change

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Employee Stories

11 Oct 2019


INSIGHTS // Employee Stories


By Planit Testing

11 Oct 2019

Elaine Maris Bautista“I love the cultural diversity at Planit and how people are very respectful of everyone’s beliefs. I also like how the company’s management genuinely values and listens to what we have to say.”

Elaine Maris Bautista, Automation Engineer, Planit

Elaine Maris Bautista started her career in the IT industry as a developer.

“At that time, testing seemed to be mainly focused on debugging and evaluation purposes,” she says. “It wasn’t really used as a means of prevention for defects and issues.”

For Elaine, it meant that she had to perform unit/integration testing against her code, and those of her peers, to ensure it was working per the requirements.

“We even created dummy functions to perform internal calls within the code to run particular pieces of code,” she says.

Elaine standing at an ocean lookout and having lunch with 12 coworkers

After over four years as a developer, Elaine was one day assigned to lead a project that focused on static/white-box testing. This meant she had to carry out both manual and automated tests.

“This was when my career officially shifted to focus on testing,” Elaine says. “I was suddenly exposed to various types of testing, which required me to better understand how and why they are done.”

With her new career path set, Elaine spent the next three years running her own automation team in Manila. Then one day a friend forwarded her a link to a job ad for a Singapore-based recruitment drive by Planit.

“I was comfortable with my automation team, the projects we worked on, and the processes we were using, so I wasn’t really looking for any new opportunities at the time, particularly overseas,” Elaine says. “But it seemed like an interest opportunity, so I decided to give it a try and see where it would lead me.”

Following her application, Elaine was invited to attend the interview and exam in Singapore. She successfully passed and was offered an Automation Engineer role with Planit’s Sydney office.

“And just like that, I’m now doing Test Automation in Australia,” Elaine says. “It’s amazing how Planit opens doors of opportunities to people globally.”

Elaine standing with ten coworkers

Although the change in both work and environment was somewhat unplanned, the experience has so far been a positive one. 

“I love the cultural diversity at Planit and how people are very respectful of everyone’s beliefs,” Elaine says. “I also like how the company’s management genuinely values and listens to what we have to say.”

The company’s annual parties have also been memorable and something to look forward to.

“One of the Christmas parties was on a boat,” she says. “In addition to a buffet dinner, there was a great after-party with a DJ!”

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