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Life at Planit: Louise’s Cross-Continental Relocation

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Employee Stories

22 Mar 2019


INSIGHTS // Employee Stories


By Planit Testing

22 Mar 2019

Louise Ramsay“I really like the fact that everyone at Planit is a valued, permanent employee. There are unlimited training opportunities, plus the ability to work across different industries, which builds a great resume for recognition and career progression.”

Louise Ramsay, Consultant, Planit

Rewind five years and Louise Ramsay was firmly established as a test lead at a UK-based company. However, the regularly cloudy and rainy UK weather eventually led her to look for work opportunities on sunnier shores.

“I originally looked at jobs in the US, but then a colleague of mine told me about their former colleague who was working at Planit,” Louise says. “The company came highly recommended by that individual, which prompted me to check out their website and careers section.”

After finding a position that fit her career background, Louise submitted her resume and soon heard back from Planit’s HR team. Following an exam, Skype interview, and face-to-face interview, Louise was offered a spot at Planit’s head office in Sydney.

“When my partner and my then 16-year-old daughter said they were open to relocating to Australia, I happily accepted the job, despite the fact that we’d never been to the country before,” she says.

Louise and her family packed all of their belongings and sent them to Sydney in an ocean-bound container. The next three months were spent on a mostly land-based journey to Australia.

Louise Ramsay

After flying to Tallinn in Estonia, Louise and her family took an overnight train to Moscow, and then boarded a Trans-Siberian train for six nights through Siberia and Mongolia to Beijing in China. After travelling down to Hanoi in Vietnam, they explored various places in the country before moving onto the surrounding nations of Cambodia, Thailand and finally Malaysia.

Faced with the choice of taking a container ship to Australia, the land-based journey came to an end as Louise and her family took a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Sydney. Reflecting on the adventure, Louise says it was “by far the best thing” she has ever done and that “backpacking is not just for gap years”.

With her trans-continental adventure behind her, Louise settled down into her new life in Sydney, where she is now working as a Consultant at Planit. Besides the welcome switch to sunnier weather, Planit’s work culture has also been a welcome change from what she was used to in the UK.

“I really like the fact that everyone at Planit is a valued, permanent employee,” Louise says. “There are unlimited training opportunities, plus the ability to work across different industries, which builds a great resume for recognition and career progression.”

One of Louise’s placements with Planit was at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Originally scheduled only to work there for three months, she ended up staying more than three years in total.

Louise Ramsay

As it turned out, there was no shortage of things to work on at the ABC. During her time there, Louise worked on three very different projects with three different teams.

“My background is in theatre, and I think media attracts a similar type of person,” she says. “Despite being a consultant from Planit, I was really made to feel like a valued and integrated team member from day one.”

The last project Louise worked on was implementing a new integrated broadcast system for TV news and current affairs, and radio across 55 ABC sites across Australia. This meant she had to travel to the ABC’s metro sites, sometimes for weeks at a time, to manage the testing and deal with issues, as well as for post go-live support.

“It was a challenging task initially,” Louise says, ”but as we neared the final sites, there was a better understanding and support from the local technology teams, as well as less resistance from end users.”

The regular domestic travel was also not without its own perks.

“I made many new friends across the country, and my husband got weekend mini-breaks in just about all of the major Australian cities,” Louise says.

As for the broadcast system, Louse says it was delivered on time for the ABC to use.

“It also came under budget, which was a great achievement for the entire team,” Louise says.

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