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Life at Planit: Mel’s Knack for Problem Solving

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Employee Stories

3 May 2019


INSIGHTS // Employee Stories


By Planit Testing

3 May 2019

Mel Bolton“I’ve been grateful for all of the support I’ve received. All my fellow graduates had so much patience with me during our first month and beyond, my colleagues have always answered my questions, and my work buddy has been on hand if I need anything.”

Mel Bolton, Analyst, Planit

Mel Bolton traces her interest in technology back to her father.

“He likes understanding how things work, and he’s really big on tinkering and fixing things if they’re broken,” he says. “This is kind of known in my family as ‘being a Bolton’.”

Mel also says she inherited a keen mind for solving problems, whether the challenges are technology related or not.

“For example, unlike many people, I actually enjoy putting together flat packs,” she says. “I assembled all my bedroom furniture myself, and when I encountered an issue with the instructions, I sussed that out too!”

This interest in analysis and problem-solving led Mel to study statistics at university. That’s where she was first introduced to software development with coding languages such as Statistical Analysis System (SAS), which is used to read in data from spreadsheets and databases, and R, which is applied for statistical analysis, graphical representations, and reporting.

“I really liked the bit of coding that we were taught during my studies, and thought that a career in the IT field could be really interesting,” Mel says. “When I saw the Planit Graduate Programme advertised, I seemed liked a novel way to enter the world of IT, especially for someone like me who never would have thought herself capable of doing anything IT-related.”

Mel Bolton

Mel applied for the Planit Graduate Programme in New Zealand and joined hundreds of hopeful candidates for the ninth intake. After days of information sessions, training, activities and exams, Mel came out successful in the end and started her journey as a Planit tester.

Now an Analyst at the Auckland office, Mel has been able to put her problem-solving skills to work at several clients on numerous projects to good effect. Life after the graduate programme hasn’t been easy, but Mel has received support along the way.

“I’ve been grateful for all of the support I’ve received during my entire Planit journey,” she says. “All my fellow graduates had so much patience with me during our first month and beyond, my colleagues have always answered my questions, and my work buddy has been on hand if I need anything.”

It’s this strong support network that enabled Mel to create positive and long-lasting memories of her time at Planit.

“I still remember fondly my first day at Planit and seeing everyone again since the graduate selection week,” she says. “Passing all of my exams thus far comes a close second!”

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