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TestProject: The Free Test Automation Tool TestProject: The Free Test Automation Tool
INSIGHTS / Articles

TestProject: The Free Test Automation Tool

 26 May 2022 
TestProject: The Free Test Automation Tool
INSIGHTS / Articles

TestProject: The Free Test Automation Tool

 26 May 2022 

    In 2015, the TestProject journey began and the first version of the platform was publicly launched in April of 2018. Since its inception, TestProject 2.0 has been continuously evolving, improving, and helping numerous industries worldwide.

    What is TestProject?

    TestProjects is a powerful end-to-end test automation tool which allows us to create automated tests for web and mobile applications, and APIs. TestProject is built on top of Selenium and Appium so that QA engineers can test web applications along with Android and iOS platforms.

    It aims to simplify your test automation experience, and it supports all major web browsers. It is available for free from Tricentis - it is not open source but it can be used commercially.

    Doesn’t all that sound amazing?

    Why use TestProject?

    As TestProject is a free Cloud-based testing platform, there are many advantages which one can think of to start using it in their specific project:

    1. TestProject comes with a test recorder, so you can easily record and playback your tests to automate UI applications. This will be helpful for you to get started with this tool. Therefore, if you do not have any programming language experience, this feature will support you in many ways.
    2. You have the flexibility to create your own add-ons to simplify your work. You can choose whether you want to develop new add-ons for your individual needs, or you can use existing add-ons that have already been developed and shared by fellow experts around the globe.
    3. Cloud-based technology that allows you to publish your tests on TestProject’s Cloud platform, where any team member can access and execute them. This allows users to manage a project, test cases, and add-ons.
    4. Cross browser and cross platform support for multiple browsers and OS.
    5. Free to download so anybody can use it for free.
    6. Schedule your tests for execution on any browser or any device.
    7. Supports CI/CD pipeline integration with Jenkins.
    8. Helps in generating and analysing reports using test analytics.
    9. You can compare your tests across different environments.
    10. Improves collaboration within a team.
    11. Supports programming languages like Java, C#, and Python.
    12. Internally, it uses RESTFUL APIs to execute tests and send notifications.

    Cool features of TestProject

    • Hybrid Cloud with offline mode
    • You can save your tests locally or within any source control such as git
    • In-browser recorder to create local tests for mobile and web
    • Local reports
    • Download complete test project
    • TestProject Agent CLI
    • Open SDK – upload and execution
    • Open job and test tags
    • Better loading time
    • Better job scheduler
    • Better UX & UI
    • Firefox Support
    • Visual validation testing
    • New API
    • Parallel execution
    • Better test case management
    • Enhanced BDD
    • Codeless automation
    • Easier agent registration
    • Console testing
    • Better recording
    • iPhone simulator support
    • Better Linux support
    • Better locators AI
    • Local run
    • On-prem
    • Integration with Azure and Microsoft Cloud services

    What’s new in TestProject 2.0?

    TestProject comes with integration of hybrid Cloud, which is a mix of on-prem private Cloud and third-party public Cloud services. It has seamless integration and a smooth process to set up with a Hybrid Cloud.

    This allows you to write, store, and execute your tests, and generate beautiful reports with screenshots. You can also execute tests when there is no connection available or even in offline mode.

    It really is an Integrated tool to build custom CI/CD pipelines. Here are some examples:

    At the time of creating your tests, TestProject will give you two options to save your tests:

    1. Cloud
    2. On your local machine

    While recording, you can always toggle the settings to take screenshots of each step that you are performing. After recording is finished, you can save your test locally. After the execution, you can generate test reports which you can share with your team members.

    Mobile testing using TestProject

    Here is one quickly example of how you can run your mobile test using TestProject. To start recording your first mobile test, you should follow the below steps in order:

    1. Create a Project and ensure that you are in your project folder in the TestProject App.
    2. Click on “New Test” button as below

    In this example, we are talking about a “Mobile Test”, so we will choose “Mobile” from the given options (Mobile will get highlighted so don't worry about that).

    You can then provide test name and description and click next.

    Then, you need to select the platform and the application which you are going to test. In this example, I selected “Android”.

    You can add application (.apk) files in two ways.

    1. By uploading the .apk file
    2. After you ensure that device is connected (as shown below) and the agent is running, you can select the application from the device.

    Then, select the application.

    Now, the device is set up and the application (AUT) is ready to test. We can start recording our test. We can manually write the steps or we can use Recorder from TestProject.

    After you click on “Start Testing”, It will start capturing all your test steps. Once you finish the test steps, you can click the “Save and Exit” button to save your changes and your test is ready to use.

    How do you generate a Test Report?

    Your test is saved successfully, so how do you generate a test report? Check the first image in this tutorial and you will find “Reports” in the top header of the page. If you do not find it, check the image below:

    You can also view the reports for individual test runs for debugging and investigation purposes. If any test fails, TestProject’s report section gives you an option to see the failed test cases, so we do not need to worry about passed or failed test cases.

    When to use a paid Test Automation tool?

    You must know the “why” before choosing any tool and especially before buying any licensed tool. Your requirements may not be the same as others, but you must have clear requirements before you invest in a tool to automate your tests.

    You should also have a good understanding of your budget before you decide to buy a licensed tool. Here are some factors to consider before making a decision:

    1. Will it save time?
    2. Does it fall under your budget?
    3. Will it help you to move forward in making progress in terms of project completion, team member training, etc.
    4. Do you have enough skilled resources who can be trained to learn this tool, or would you require any training to help them start using the tool?
    5. Does the business case stack up?
    6. Is it easy to use? Will it help with your automation script maintenance?
    7. Does the tool have integrated capabilities?
    8. Any community support available?
    9. Will it give you good return on investment?


    Considering the plethora of benefits, we can confidently say that TestProject is an amazing tool that fulfils the many requirements of a user. For more details, visit the official site.

Mukta Sharma


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