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DASA DevOps Practitioner Certification

Harness the four key skill areas of DevOps to find improvements and deliver better project outcomes.

DASA DevOps Practitioner Certification

Harness the four key skill areas of DevOps to find improvements and deliver better project outcomes.

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Elevate your DevOps knowledge to the next level!

Want to building on your DevOps Fundamentals Certificate to deliver successful project results? In this DASA® DevOps Practitioner course, you will learn about the four key skill areas of courage, team building, leadership, and continuous improvement, and why they play an important role in the DevOps environment.

With the help of interactive group discussions, role plays, and activities, the DASA DevOps Practitioner course helps you to better understand DevOps theory and the ways to effectively apply the four core skills into practice.


Target Audience

DASA DevOps Practitioner is designed for:

  • IT development, operations and service management personnel looking to take on more responsibility in a DevOps environment.
  • Senior project personnel, such as product owners, operations managers, and IT administrators, wanting to skill up in more advanced DevOps principles and practices.
  • Anyone looking to further certify their DevOps knowledge for added recognition among employers, clients and peers.

Course Prerequisites

This DASA DevOps Practitioner course has no prerequisites and can be undertaken by anyone interested in DevOps. 

Course Syllabus

  • Explain the importance of DevOps culture and the aspects that can influence it.
  • Understand why team building, leadership, and continuous improvement are required in a DevOps environment.
  • Explain why courage is essential to enable trust, honesty, and experimentation.
  • Identify and evaluate different types of behavior in a DevOps environment, and the signals indicating impediments and/or team dysfunctions.
  • Describe how to form good DevOps teams and the effects of happiness and motivation on team performance.
  • Assess the maturity of DevOps teams.
  • Identify how leaders encourage feedback and transparency, and the factors that they can influence to build trust.
  • Explain how and why leaders promote a “safe to fail” environment.
  • Analyse value streams to improve throughput and flow.
  • Facilitate the tools for continuous improvement, such as structured problem-solving workshops, story mapping sessions, and retrospectives.
  • Design and Build Teams
  • Governance in Teams and Between Organisations
  • Build Culture and Create Purpose
  • Be a Servant Leader
  • Focus on Success
  • Build Courage
  • Think Different in an Organised Way
  • Different Aspects of Value
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Combining Lean Startup and DevOps
  • The Power of Story Mapping
  • Build Flow
  • Types of Continuous Improvement
  • Continuous Improvement Tools
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What is included with this course?




2 Days' Training

2 days of classroom training with a certified industry professional.

Food & Beverages

Full catering is provided including morning tea, lunch afternoon tea.

Course Manual

250+ page comprehensive course manual.

Exam Revision Questions

Pass first time with our exam revision questions, live revision sessions and online tutorials.


DASA DevOps Practitioner Examination

The DASA DevOps Practitioner examination is a closed book, 12 question multiple choice exam. Candidates must score a minimum of 60% to receive their DASA DevOps Practitioner Certificate.

Examinations can be taken via a remote proctoring webcam at any approved location (home/office). Duration is 45 minutes with 15-minute additional time given for non-native candidates. Exams can be taken on the last day of the course or later.

Successful completion of this course and examination provides the candidate with the DASA DevOps Practitioner Certificate.


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