• Increase Speed to Market
    Deliver quality quicker by optimising your delivery pipeline, removing bottlenecks, getting faster feedback from customers and iterating quickly.

  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Delight your customers in every digital interaction by optimising system quality and performance to provide a smooth, speedy and seamless user experience.

  • Maximise Your Investment
    Realise a positive ROI sooner and maximise your investment by focusing your energy on high-value features, reducing waste, and finding and fixing defects early.
  • Software runs today’s society. Still, quality remains elusive for many projects. What are the challenges that organisations are facing? What steps can you take to embed quality in delivery?
  • Ballance Agri-Nutrients turned to Planit for testing of its MyBallance online platform. Find out how this resulted in an improved customer experience based on 100% positive feedback, in-turn helping them to win more business.

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Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Planit is on the lookout for valuable new additions to our consulting services, training and corporate divisions.

An employer of choice, Planit is committed to the professional development of its employees with mentoring support and ongoing training. Our consultants benefit from high-value work experience with some of the biggest and most interesting IT projects in business and government.

Career Opportunities

“Since February 2006, I’ve been involved in both training and testing services; now managing a team of testers from different application development teams across multiple projects.

The major attraction of working and being with Planit is the people I work with, opportunity for personal growth, career progression and most importantly support from fellow Planiteers.

The most satisfying part of my job is delivering quality mission critical projects to our valued clients and educating them with testing best practice during training – instilling confidence to an individual and test team.”

Steve Asuncion, Principal Consultant