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Software testing certification service launched - ‘Learntesting’

By Planit Software Testing

INSIGHTS // Press Releases

7 Jun 2005


INSIGHTS // Press Releases


By Planit Software Testing

7 Jun 2005

Planit, Australia’s leading software testing company has launched Learntesting, a new concept in online certification education for IT professionals.

Learntesting is the online version of the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing and offers a quality, cost-effective alternative for organisations or individuals who are unable to attend classroom based training.

Planit’s Managing Director Chris Carter says there is increased recognition of the importance of software quality, reliability and security, especially with so many project and cost overruns, and poor quality business systems.

“Software testing is one of the fastest growing professions in Australia and it is essential that there is a high industry standard. Planit has witnessed considerable growth in the number of candidates sitting the ISEB software testing certification programs, and ISEB online will make it easier and more cost effective to achieve certification.”

“With many large corporate and government organizations and ICT outsourcers looking to introduce testing best practice the ISEB Foundation Certificate looks set to become the “must-have” tester qualification.”

“The potential return on investment for an organisation that educates its developers and business users in the skills required to test software is significant – supporting the wise view that errors should be detected early in a project to save money and time later,” said Mr Carter.

Learntesting was developed by TSG who launched the service with its flagship BCS ISEB (British Computer Society Information Systems Examination Board) Foundation Certificate in Software Testing course.

TSG Managing Director Mike Smith says Learntesting is a truly global consolidated certification scheme and Planit is the only support centre in the Australasian region.

“Globally accredited training organisations such as Planit provide qualified local trainers to support students 24/7 in their ISEB online training,” said Mr Smith.

Learntesting is aimed at anyone who has an involvement in testing and who cannot easily attend an instructor-led training course. As well as permanent and contractor professional testers, the service is aimed at developers and business users who may have had no formal training in software testing.

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