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Zespri Case Study - Tangible Benefits and Savings

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

6 Dec 2017


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

6 Dec 2017

Zespri International Limited is the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, selling kiwifruit into more than 50 countries and managing 30 per cent of the global volume. Zespri’s global headquarters is located in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand and it has offices in 21 countries around the world.

Zespri works with growers and post-harvest operators to source top-quality Zespri Kiwifruit. It then supplies this kiwifruit to wholesale markets and retail customers using distribution partners. Zespri IS Quality Assurance Manager, Berny Roux, is responsible for information systems that support and enable quality assurance.

Berny Roux, IS Quality Assurance Manager, Zespri International Limited

“I was introduced to Planit by chance when one of their Hamilton people came in to see me. It was quite fortuitous because we were looking for a new test partner. A few months later, knowing we’d been disappointed with our previous vendors, Planit suggested a project to trial how they performed.

“We liked Planit’s approach. We could actually see what they doing, they were transparent about what we could expect, and they gave us immediate updates and reports.

“The other group was waiting with their report until they finished assessing, but that wasn’t going to work for us. After consulting with the IS leadership team, we engaged Planit on a partnership that has now continued for the last two years.

Immediate standouts

“Planit’s standardised ways of approaching testing is really good. Their direct approach is greatly appreciated, and having their full backing enables our small testing team to upscale, which is great!

“Planit is also pragmatic in demonstrating how they were able to work with what we had, and how we could improve that in practical ways. It was very impressive.

“I love the fact that we can completely rely on Planit, and if we didn’t have them, we couldn’t do the testing we do. Sometimes projects are given with short notice, but they’re quick to respond to our needs and they have people with high levels of skills available.

“I really appreciate that everyone will raise concerns in our best interests. It’s great for me, as I’m the one who’s responsible at the end of the day, and having people I can rely on is extremely important.

“They have a good understanding of the business, and are great at sharing knowledge with new team members, which saves a lot of time and effort. They’re so good I have them to teach my own team!

The benefits on ROI

“Some of the benefits we receive are easy to quantify while others, like their ability to ramp up quickly with great people saves us time, which translates to money but is harder to quantify. We’ve been tracking monthly metrics, such as finding defects and measuring their severity, to quantify the money we save in a year from testing.

“I developed an interactive dashboard to track and report monthly metrics. From March to November 2017, the savings amount to $873,000. When the savings of $327,000 from September 2016 are added, the total saved on defects is $1.2M.

Monthly performance metrics

 “As a direct result of our partnership with Planit, we benefit from:

  • Increased visibility of a project’s risk position with their proactive insight.
  • Accelerated delivery of projects from the ability to ramp up quickly with knowledgeable and talented testers.
  • Improved customer experience for our large internal customers and external suppliers. These include our SAP, CRM web app, and mobile apps.  Our post-project reviews use QA to check our testing and quality processes. The feedback highlights both stability and excellent usability.
  • Increased product quality, reduced risk, better cost effectiveness, and improved customer satisfaction.
  • Optimised app performance, particularly with SAP, from a professional, methodical, and standardised process to testing with scripts that show progress.
  • Proven commitment to continuous improvement in Automation, Performance, and Penetration testing, and delivery of Service Virtualization.
  • Post project/closure reports that contain practical suggestions for improvement.

“We involve them in our monthly continuous improvement meetings, and they contribute in driving improvement. Their investment in us forms an important aspect of our partnership.

“I’m extremely happy with Planit and consider them an extremely valuable member of the Zespri Quality Assurance team.”

Berny Roux
IS Quality Assurance Manager

Zespri International Limited
Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

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