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FFA Case Study – A Two-Way Relationship

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

18 Jan 2018


INSIGHTS // Case Studies


By Planit Testing

18 Jan 2018

Football Federation Australia (FFA) is the governing body of football in Australia and a member of the international governing body, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FFA was established in 2004 and is a member-based organisation.

In 2015, the Whole of Football Plan (WOFP) was launched as FFA’s vision for football in 2035. It was developed over several years in collaboration with stakeholders, involving all governing bodies, the community, and fans at games and in digital communities.

The documented plan begins with FFA's long-term vision for football to be the largest and most popular sport in Australia. WOFP identified that, in order to generate greater commercial revenue for funds to invest in community football and elite player development, the FFA needed to grow the fan base from 7.5M to 15M, and commercialise it for the common good of the game.

The plan to Optimise Fan Connection focuses on three digital connection strategies:

  • Connect commercial partners to fans and the broader football community, and ensure they also accrue value from the relationship.
  • Using digital channels to connect with junior fans, who are growing up in a digital world, and enabling a lifetime connection.
  • Creating a ‘fan loyalty program’ that delivers value to fans and commercial partners alike.

Dougal Guppy, Platform Architect, Football Federation Australia

“We had previously engaged another company and things hadn’t worked out, so we were somewhat cautious. We wanted Planit to prove themselves, so we engaged them to produce a repeatable load test on the platform used for registering our participants.

“This was the perfect opportunity, because we were in the process of getting ready for a digital transformation program and a non-disruptive registration was a perfect place to start. Following this first successful engagement, we engaged Planit to propose a suite of non-functional tests (performance, operational readiness and security testing) for our digital transformation program that would meet our non-functional requirements, mitigate technical risks and provide confidence for go live.

“By bringing its experience to the table, Planit was quick to respond and demonstrated its understanding of the complexity of the challenges quickly. Planit’s speed of the requirement uptake meant we could move quickly and confidently with them as our testing partner.

“It’s a two-way relationship that’s open and flexible, which enables Planit to do the best possible job for us in the non-functional space. I know their space well and the mutual understanding is a solid foundation.

“Trust is a huge benefit and they’ve earned ours. I have confidence in Planit’s experience and capability, which makes the job easier and everyone benefits.

“Wherever and whenever Planit are involved, there’s a positive impact. Specific examples include:

Assessment of our risk position

“Planit’s systematic approach to the assessment of our technical risk position prior to testing was excellent. It informed the test strategy and meant they were able to work with us to prioritise and plan the test scenarios.

“They conducted a full technical risk assessment of our proposed digital platform, focusing on performance, failure modes and security. They identified and logged all the technical risks, rated these in priority order, and assigned a set of mitigating actions for each risk.

“The risk profile was significantly reduced prior to go live because defects in key risk areas had been addressed.

Accelerated delivery to meet tight timelines

“Quality of Planit people, the outcomes of the risk analysis and their experience, enabled accelerated delivery to meet our tight time lines. As a result, we can run regular performance regression testing without the need for outside assistance, and have the results visible in real time – both key drivers for accelerated delivery.

Improved customer experience

“Ensuring our brand is protected and the end user experience is enhanced is a critical measure of success. Exceptional development coupled with Planit’s non-functional testing has created a terrific outcome for our participants.

“The non-functional testing carried out by Planit uncovered a number of defects that would have impacted customer experience. Remediating these defects enabled the enhancements to greatly improve our users’ experience.

“We expect the enhanced quality of the site to improve our bottom line, with increased traffic and increased satisfaction experienced by our participants. As we’re coming into the new season, this will provide even further evidence.

Optimising performance

“Planit’s non-functional testing covered performance testing, operational readiness and security. Once defects had been identified and resolved, re-testing was completed, and the application performance was optimised for go live.

Commitment to continuous improvement

“Key to the success of our engagement with Planit is that they are aligned with us on our business goals. Their innovative approach to testing, and genuine desire to provide us with the best possible outcomes, is great.

“They have provided FFA with tools to assess the quality of our platform on an ongoing basis. That’s the definition of commitment to continuous improvement.

“I’d absolutely recommend Planit. Their knowledge, experience and speed is great.

“They’re also cost effective and work diligently to solve challenges. The whole Planit package adds up as good value for money.”

Dougal Guppy
Platform Architect
Football Federation Australia
Sydney, Australia

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