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Life at Planit: Nicky’s Enthusiastic and Talented Team

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Employee Stories

9 Aug 2019


INSIGHTS // Employee Stories


By Planit Testing

9 Aug 2019

Nicky Chivers“The decision to join Planit’s team in Christchurch was an easy one. The people here are so passionate about what they do and working with them is a pleasure.”

Nicky Chivers, Senior Consultant, Planit

Nicky Chivers was introduced to testing when she working as a trainee for a British multinational defence, security, and aerospace company in the UK.

“I was put into the test team, and the manager I had was really interested in testing and the benefits it brings, it was infectious,” she says. “I was lucky enough to work with him for several years, as a result, I picked up his love for helping to deliver high quality products to users.”

Nicky spent the next decade honing her craft, eventually moving up to the position of Test Manager. Around that time, she not only got married, but also decided to relocate to New Zealand for a fresh start.

After settling down in Christchurch, Nicky continued to work as a Test Manager at a multinational enterprise information technology company. It was here that Nicky met Judy McKay, who would go on to establish and lead the Planit office in Christchurch.

Nicky Chivers with her family in New Zealand

The testing community in Christchurch is a close-knit one. Even after Nicky moved on to do testing for the largest privately-owned travel company in New Zealand, she kept in touch with Judy.

The Christchurch office was growing rapidly and there was a need for skilled and experienced consultants. “The decision to join Judy’s team in Christchurch was an easy one,” Nicky says.

Now a Senior Consultant, Nicky supports local clients like the University of Canterbury. The work is busy, but she says it is always rewarding thanks to the enthusiastic and talented team she’s working with.

“The people here are so passionate about what they do and working with them is a pleasure,” Nicky says. “It’s always good fun when we get together and share stories, normally over lunch!”

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