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Life at Planit: Sheela’s New Start in Automation

By Planit Testing

INSIGHTS // Employee Stories

27 Sep 2019


INSIGHTS // Employee Stories


By Planit Testing

27 Sep 2019

Sheela Marie Luis“What caught my eye about Planit is that it’s a consultancy. I could see the company had already worked with a long list of clients, so for me that meant I would have an opportunity to apply and expand my domain and industry knowledge and skill.”

Sheela Marie Luis, Automation Engineer, Planit

Sheela Marie Luis initially started out as a developer after graduating from university.

“I really enjoyed programming,” she says. “But at the same time, I was also keen to try out a different role in the software development lifecycle.”

As a coder, Sheela was in a good position to explore the different roles and see which one appealed to her more. What eventually caught her eye was testing and its problem-solving aspect.

“I’ve always enjoyed solving puzzles, and I saw that testing itself was a kind of a logical puzzle,” she says. “By that, I mean you need to be creative and think outside the box to find defects.”

When looking at test automation, Sheela saw there was an opportunity to merge her existing experience in development with the field of testing that she was keen to try.

“Test automation requires an end-to-end understanding of the application, rather than just a component of it,” she says. “I liked how there are various ways available to me to automate the application under test, so I'm not limited to just one tool or programming language.”

Sheela petting a deer at a zoo

Switching to a career in testing also led Sheela to explore work opportunities outside of the Philippines. This eventually led to a job offer in Kuala Lumpur, which led her to relocate to Malaysia.

It was at this point that Sheela first heard of Planit via a job ad looking for engineers.

“What caught my eye about Planit is that it’s a consultancy,” she says. “I could see the company had already worked with a long list of clients, so for me that meant I would have an opportunity to apply and expand my domain and industry knowledge and skill.”

A few good words from friends and acquaintances about the company also helped to pique Sheela’s interest.

“I remembered that some of my friends were working at Planit, and they always had good things to say about the company whenever I asked them,” she says. “Applying for a job seemed like a logical thing to.”

After applying, Sheela was invited to attend an interview and exam in nearby Singapore, where Planit was conducting recruitment at the time. She passed both and was offered the position of Automation Engineer at the Perth office.

Sheela standing together with six of her coworkers at a Planit company party

Life in Perth has been very different from the one Sheela left behind in Kuala Lumpur and Manila, and it’s not just the different Australian lifestyle culture. It also extends to her work environment.

“What’s really stood out to me is Planit's open-door policy,” she says. “If I have any questions or concerns, I can easily approach my team lead to discuss it with them.”

Sheela also likes the extra level of freedom she has to drive the direction her career.

“There’s a really strong culture and driver for continuous learning by upskilling and getting certified,” she says. “This is helped by the fact that, as a Planit staff, I have free access to all of the company’s classroom and online training courses and exams.”

The consulting work in Perth required Sheela to hit the ground running when she joined the company at the start of the year, though even in that short time her efforts did not go unrecognised.

“The biggest surprise was getting presented with a Supernova award,” she says. “I had only been with Planit for a few months, so I wasn't expecting to even be considered for the award, but it was really great that I was!”

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