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Agile Testing

Agile Testing

Since the Agile Manifesto in 2001, the use of Agile Frameworks has grown to become arguably the most popular.

Its simplicity creates challenges for businesses in realising its full potential. Demand for faster time to market with high quality is the expectation.

We can partner with you to realise promised efficiency and effectiveness gains through our proven Agile testing practices.

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Delivering Value with Quality

Benefit from Planit’s Agile expertise to mitigate your risks, ensuring functional and non-functional requirements are addressed within each iteration.

  • Agile Testing Delivery

    Planit’s experienced Agile consultants are able to quickly integrate into your team, fully collaborating to deliver your business value on time. They help build quality into your products from initiation. Build it right first time.

  • Agile Consultancy

    Leverage Planit’s proven Agile frameworks to independently evaluate your Agile projects and provide tailored advice, mentoring and coaching on how to improve your practices and processes to maximise effectiveness and ensure quality.

  • Agile Training & Certification

    Build and benchmark your team’s Agile skills and capabilities to form a cohesive and high-performing team, ensuring project success by maximising the benefits and efficiencies of Agile best practices.

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Agile Testing Professionals

With certified skillsets and experience across domains and industries, our Agile testers are ready to be engaged and add value to your projects.

  • Agile Team Members

    Possessing proven competencies in Agile methods and practices, our testers are ready to join your Agile team right now. Their excellent soft skills enable them to integrate quickly and effectively within your team and their testing expertise ensures quality is introduced early in the process to speed up release of business value.

  • Senior Agile Specialists

    Our Senior Agile Specialists and Scrum Masters are experts in the definition and transformation of Agile approaches to support your organisational test policies and strategies, project goals and testing practices. They can advise in Agile practices, tools and test coverage to suit your context as well as conduct process improvement reviews

Agile Testing Delivery

Planit’s experienced consultants are able to quickly integrate into your team, seamlessly collaborating to build quality into your products and deliver business value to meet your timelines. No matter what skillset you need, we have the right person to fit your team.

  • Test Planning

    Contrary to popular belief, planning is a critical activity in Agile projects. Set yourself up for success by engaging Planit’s Agile experts to support the test strategy, adaptive planning and delivery.

  • Exploratory Testing

    Using advanced knowledge of testing techniques, Planit’s testers achieve appropriate test coverage aligned to risk and value. They utilise exploratory and session-based testing to provide fast feedback.

  • Non-Functional Testing

    Leverage Planit’s technical testing specialists to deliver non-functional testing concurrently with design and coding to ensure completion in-line with the iteration timebox.

  • Test Automation

    Quickly unlock business value by utilising Planit’s automation specialists to create frameworks for performing maintainable checking and regression tests. Build confidence when making changes and free up time for exploratory testing.

Agile Consultancy

Our experts are able to support your team in building effective tailored Agile processes, providing guidance and advice to resolve roadblocks and ensure efficient work practices.

Agile Implementation

For teams transitioning to Agile, Planit offers a tailored Agile Implementation service designed to accelerate this process, imparting effective Agile practices with a keen focus on quality.

Based on an initial assessment of current practices and ‘Agility’, a coaching, mentoring and training programme will be tailored to fit your organisational needs. The Agile Coach will then join your team to support their first release/iteration planning meeting and subsequent major critical events as agreed with the client. This may include your daily stand-up meetings, your demo, retrospective and the next iteration planning meeting.

Upon completion of this service, your Agile team will be able to:

  • Effectively estimate, plan and execute timeboxed iterations on your chosen project
  • Appropriately communicate to all stakeholders
  • Respond faster and more reliably to customer requests
  • Review and adapt their Agile practices based on what they have learned

For clients wishing for further support, our Agile specialists can be engaged on a part-time or full-time basis for a duration that suits your project’s needs.

Agile Coaching & Mentoring

For teams following Agile practices who wish to optimise their performance, Planit offers packages of Agile training and coaching.

Planit’s award winning Agile training provides detailed explanations of Agile practices with hands-on exercises to ensure learning is put into action. This is invaluable in maximising the benefits realised from the Agile ceremonies through building a common language and understanding of roles within the team.

Benefit from Planit’s experienced team of Agile coaches and mentors to receive guidance in applying Agile within the context of your project. Our team is available for short engagements to evaluate and improve practices or to be involved longer-term for mentoring in Agile projects. Our Agile Coaches can be engaged to focus on specific Agile practices, including:

  • Product Backlog Grooming
  • Writing User Stories
  • Session-Based Testing

Ensure all stakeholders have a common understanding of Agile and learnings become consolidated as instinctive behaviour.

Agile Process Improvement

Whether you are new to Agile or have encountered issues in executing Agile practices in your projects, Planit staff can coach you in effective practices following a proven Agile process/framework which becomes embedded within your culture. This involves:

  • Clarifying the requirements, testing targets and objectives of the tests.
  • Defining the acceptance criteria with your business based on analysis of the target systems and the user processes being implemented.
  • Using exploratory techniques to write and execute the tests using Session-Based Testing.
  • Working with the team to prioritise defects to ensure user stories are complete for the showcase.
  • Ensuring the tester is fully integrated into the Agile team, engaging in meaningful interactions that are critical to Agile projects.
  • Enabling the tester to effectively contribute to retrospectives and continuous improvement.

Planit can work with you staff to identify sustainable improvements which become habitual effective processes by reviewing your team(s) through our unique Agile Process Improvement review which focusses on collective team quality.

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“We knew we wanted to go Agile, but did not have the expertise in-house to devise a strategy for testing nor capability to implement it. Planit came in and offered to deliver all this without disrupting our in-flight projects.”

Neil Kinnaird Lend Lease

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Our Agile Testing Clients

  • Australia Post
  • CBA
  • Cricket Australia
  • Dept of Justice
  • HBF
  • Macquarie Group
  • Medibank
  • MLC
  • Munich RE
  • NAB
  • NBN
  • NewsCorp
  • RAC
  • Sportsbet
  • Sydney Water
  • Transport for NSW