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Service Virtualisation

Service Virtualisation

In today's complex system environments, Service Virtualisation is an invaluable tool for reducing risks in development. Through environment simulation, it replaces costly or constrained systems while facilitating improved quality and increased speed of delivery.

Avoid the hassle associated with systems that are unavailable, under construction or expensive to access and start testing sooner.

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Quality & Efficiency

Seamlessly integrate virtualised services with your own real services to allow for earlier development and testing of complex applications.

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The Next Big Thing

According to 2016 industry data, many organisations still have not experienced the benefits of service virtualisation in replacing costly or constrained systems, with 43 percent not utilising this valuable technology.

This is set to change, as organisations realise the power of service virtualisation in resolving bottlenecks in test environments - an issue identified by 56 percent of industry respondents. Moreover, service virtualisation is riding the Agile and DevOps boom, as more organisations leverage its ability to enable earlier testing and integration.

SOURCE: Planit Testing Index 2016

Enterprise Grade Technology

Companies all over the world rely on IBM Rational Service Virtualisation to save millions of dollars on testing costs and accelerate the delivery of high quality software in complex application environments. Planit has a unique offering allowing the enterprise power of IBM Rational's Service Virtualisation technology to be delivered on-demand via our cloud platform.

Virtualise Any Service

Get started right away by leveraging our extensive catalogue of virtualised services OR request a custom services based on your specific requirements delivered within days.

Delivery That Meets Your Needs

We understand that organisations have different needs, and can provide Service Virtualisation solutions based on-premises using your own hardware or via Planit’s cloud-based solution available on-demand.

World-first Cloud Solutions

Our cloud-based SVaaS solution makes it quicker, easier and cheaper to get service virtualisation up and running in your environment. Simplify your set-up and minimise on-going costs associated with people, tools and infrastructure.

Pay for What You Use

Whether you require a few executions a month or thousands of executions per minute, we can cater for your needs. Our pricing structure is simple and transparent – you pay for what you use, and the more you use the lower the price per execution.

Gain the full benefits of service virtualisation with Planit’s cost efficient solution.


Proof of Concept

Talk to Planit today about how Service Virtualisation can benefit your projects and request our $5,000 + GST Proof of Concept including ROI and Business Value Analysis.

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“With Planit everything is delivered on time, with excellent quality and within our budget, saving us time & money. Their processes enable continuous improvement of their people’s skills, to our benefit ... $300,000 was saved by Planit’s innovative idea to create a service virtualisation layer.”

Gaurav Manek, Test Manager

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