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Planit Testing Index

Planit Testing Index

The Planit Testing Index is the leading survey of local digital projects, garnering an unrivalled level of industry participation from across Australia and New Zealand.

Now in its 10th year, the Index provides key insights into industry trends, acting as a solid foundation for strategic planning, budgeting and execution of quality assurance activities.


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The age of digital transformation is upon us as digital systems have become the new battleground for competitive advantage. In the quest to appease customers, user experience is paramount with poor performance and defects being considered unacceptable for many organisations.

In this digital landscape, some key themes and trends have presented themselves – continuous everything, technical and cross-functional skillsets, and efficiency through tools and solutions. Find out more by downloading the full report free via the link below.

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2016 Index Seminars

The 2016 Planit Index seminars were attended by hundreds of representatives from the testing industry, with Planit Director of Testing, Graham Davis, providing insights into the state of the industry.

Look Back at Past Index Results

Take a trip back in time with a selection of past Index Reports available below.

"I have attended each year and I always find it interesting to see the changes. The presentation is always informative and it very clearly shows how businesses define testing. It gives me something to take back to senior management and show / teach them about the importance of testing."

Tina Douglas, Test Team Lead