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ASB Case Study – Accelerating Strategy and Delivery

By Planit Software Testing

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

5 Jan 2017

Affordability|Quality|Strategy|Technical Capability

INSIGHTS // Case Studies

Affordability|Quality|Strategy|Technical Capability

By Planit Software Testing

5 Jan 2017

ASB Bank strives to consistently provide its customers with outstanding service and innovative financial solutions. Their dedication to provide simple financial products allowing customers to bank with them how and when they want is demonstrated from when the Auckland Savings Bank, first opened as New Zealand’s first savings bank, opened in June 5 1847.

When it comes to innovation, the ASB continues to feature in a long list of firsts. ASB partnered with Planit to help in delivering digital innovations.

Raewyn Ludlam, Testing Discipline Lead, ASB

“In 2010, I was tasked with finding a testing partner for our project work. Five different vendors were reviewed and Planit stood out as the best by far. I had developed categories with ratings for each across aspects such as pricing, capability and quality of staff, ability to scale fast and be in-house, not off-shore, with the right fit with ASB Technology and values. Planit could be responsive because they had quality people available for us at very short notice and since 2010, they have worked hard to not let us down.

“Planit are a managed service, not a body shop. They are also an accredited training provider and, with Planit, there are no subcontractors. All of their people are ISTQB certified (International Software Testing Qualifications Board). Planit have a Grad program, and invite me to presentations by groups of Graduates, from which I handpick the best for ASB. We bring in four Grads every six months, with the sixth group joining us shortly. Planit stand by their promise to supply quality people – e.g. on rare occasions when there has been an issue, Planit have borne the cost. Planit make no restrictions on the length of engagement and this unconditional aspect of the relationship is a powerful part of our partnership.

“There are several tangible cost saving benefits as well. One such benefit is having a Planit manager on site free of charge, three days per week. Another benefit is training offered by Planit - very accessible, timely and of great value. Planit’s willingness to streamline their billing to meet our processes is another measure of the partnership.

“We have a lot of internal customers and they respect our Planit staff – and especially enjoy working with our Planit Grads. We currently have many projects in flight, and cover 3 levels of “customers” – from Technology & Innovation, across all ASB business units, right through to the customers on the street.

With Planit’s test automation and technical capability, we are able to accelerate at both the strategic and delivery levels. Faults are minimal and a recent 6 monthly survey gave us a score of 92.4% for internal customer satisfaction. There’s no question that the quality of our testing services and deliverables has been enhanced through our partnership with Planit. They’ve brought in skills we didn’t have or couldn’t get.

The intangibles about Planit include that they have their finger on the pulse, they’re proactive and they provide total access to meet our needs. With Planit, thought leadership, cross and up-skilling is developed within our team and, like us, they are committed to continuous improvement. Objective setting for both Planit and ASB people is well aligned – all the way through to salaries, culture, operations and social.

“A while ago we partnered with Planit for an event called “Test Connect” to raise awareness about testing in ASB. They contributed testing collateral, funds for the lunch, and the event was jammed packed! We had great reviews and feedback from ASB Technology & Innovation and this value add offered by Planit to our internal customers was really great.

Raewyn Ludlam
Testing Discipline Lead
Auckland, New Zealand

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