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  • Increase Speed to Market
    Deliver quality quicker by optimising your delivery pipeline, removing bottlenecks, getting faster feedback from customers and iterating quickly.

  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Delight your customers in every digital interaction by optimising system quality and performance to provide a smooth, speedy and seamless user experience.

  • Maximise Your Investment
    Realise a positive ROI sooner and maximise your investment by focusing your energy on high-value features, reducing waste, and finding and fixing defects early.
  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Today’s users have high standards for the applications and digital platforms they interact with. They want to be delighted by reliable, functionality-rich apps and websites that do what they expect every time. If they encounter features that are broken or that aren’t user-friendly, they quickly jump ship and utilise competing products.

In the digital era, functional testing is still critically important because it verifies that your products are ready for release from a business and end-user perspective. Instead of releasing products that don’t meet your customer requirements, functional testing ensures you’ll have happy customers from day one.

Functionality that Benefits

  • The value of functional testing is that it closely reflects the experience of users. By testing the product from the user’s perspective, you can mitigate risks before they happen.

How We Can Help

  • We have the industry experience and knowhow to do successful and more effective functional testing. Our team of quality experts will ensure that your digital products function and behave correctly according to its requirements, specifications and end-user needs.

    We can tailor our functional testing practices to suit any lifecycle, be it Agile, Traditional, DevOps or Hybrid.

  • Unit & Integration Testing

    Unit and integration testing are typically completed by developers who often automatically test individual application modules and integration between modules. Verifying code earlier improves reliability and reduces rework and project cost, translating into better functionality and faster delivery. We can improve unit and integration testing practices, including automated testing, static analysis, coding standards and peer review processes.

  • System and System Integration Testing

    Complete systems and interfaces between systems can be tested to evaluate compliance with specified requirements and end-to-end business workflows. Our comprehensive and yet practical risk-based approach can quickly identify where systems falls short and how to rectify it.

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

    UAT ensures that the product fulfils on its intended business purpose. We can provide UAT experts that can lead and oversee UAT with end-users, and that can write and execute test cases on behalf of users. This reduces reliance on already busy business staff and takes the pressure off release deadlines.

  • Regression Testing

    All changes to code need to be checked to ensure they do not adversely affect existing functionality. Planit can assist with optimising regression testing so that the most important aspects of each release are verified more efficiently and effectively.

  • Quality Engineering

    Quality engineering is the management, development, operation and maintenance of systems to ensure a high standard of quality in each product release. We can assist with improving team understanding of requirements, planning and testing sooner and preventing and detecting defects more efficiently.

  • Testing Optimisation

    Are you using the most efficient processes that fit within your organisational context? With our many years of testing experience, we can provide an independent assessment and recommendations for optimisation. With the help of methodologies such as Agile and TMMi, efficiency gains from optimised practices and mitigated product risks lead to tangible cost and time savings, sooner.

  • Testing Accelerators

    Hit the ground running and realise additional efficiencies by leveraging our library of domain-specific test assets across technologies, industries and business functions. By drawing on our existing skills and knowledge base, test plans, strategies and test scenarios can be designed rapidly to quickly solve common problems, allowing us to do more with existing assets in less time.

  • Training

    As specialists in quality assurance, our knowledge of good functionality and testing practices are second to none. Our industry-leading training covers a wide range of topics, from Agile and DevOps to testing and business analysis, ensuring you or your team have the necessary skills to be delivering better functionality.

Our Approach

  • We are involved in your quality journey from beginning to end. Whether it is determining your requirements and seeing if they are being met, or bolstering your own functionality knowledge with training, we have you covered.

  • Consultancy


    We will be your trusted advisors and guide you through the ins and outs of developing higher quality products and better functionality. We’ll consult with you to understand your requirements and formulate a roadmap to achieve your goals.

  • Delivery


    Once we understand your requirements, we’ll draw on our years of experience and past client engagements to deliver the testing that you want and need. We’ll also measure and track our improvements to show cost and time savings.

  • Training


    The benefits of improved functionality aren’t limited to our technical knowhow and skills. Your staff can be upskilled with our classroom, live online, online self-study courses or we can deliver our training at your office.

Some of our Clients

  • Origin
  • CBH
  • CommSec
  • Telstra
  • CUB
  • Cricket Australia
  • Foxtel
  • Jacobs
  • HBF
  • NAB
  • NBNCo
  • University of WA
  • Melbourne Airport
  • Myer
  • NSW Government
  • Woodside


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