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  • Increase Speed to Market
    Deliver quality quicker by optimising your delivery pipeline, removing bottlenecks, getting faster feedback from customers and iterating quickly.

  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Delight your customers in every digital interaction by optimising system quality and performance to provide a smooth, speedy and seamless user experience.

  • Maximise Your Investment
    Realise a positive ROI sooner and maximise your investment by focusing your energy on high-value features, reducing waste, and finding and fixing defects early.
  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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As an educational institution, you are faced with a highly competitive global market for funding, students and staff. Today’s students are more demanding than ever and to capture their attention you must engage with them in a seamless and consistent manner across a wide range of channels.

You are faced with challenges in maintaining and updating legacy systems. Meanwhile you must find ways to deliver a smoother, more cost-efficient administrative process, typically requiring integrated and streamlined IT systems.

How We Can Help

  • Whether you’re working on a mobile-friendly student enrolment system, a back-end CRM system upgrade or anywhere in between, we can help you achieve speed and quality in your delivery, seamlessly upgrading your systems with minimal impact to your users. And as a training provider ourselves, we have a first-hand understanding your challenges.

  • A great experience for all

    In the modern age of simple-to-use apps, your customers expect an excellent user experience no matter their choice of device. In addition to usability, ensuring accessibility is also a necessity. With 20% of the population living with some form of disability and the threat of litigation for non-inclusive applications being increasingly common, failing to address accessibility can have an incredibly negative impact on your reputation and bottom-line.

  • Handle enrolment season

    From student registration to release of grades, many student systems are subjected to periodic high loads. These systems must be tested to ensure that capacity can be handled appropriately during these peaks. Our performance specialists can ensure you’re reaching your performance goals with 24/7 availability, pinpointing troublesome areas, and providing recommendations for system tuning.

  • We understand your complex systems

    Modernising legacy systems to meet today’s demands can be hard. We can help ensure your system is meeting its functional and non-functional requirements through appropriate test planning and execution. This may include User Acceptance Testing, Regression Testing and Integration Testing. We can also test for Operational Readiness to ensure maintainability and plan for fail-over and recovery scenarios.

  • Keep your information safe

    You have a lot of important, private information that can be the target for cyber-attacks. We can help you keep it safe and avoid any embarrassing security breaches. By reviewing your architectural and technical design, third party exposure and internal user processes, our Security Testing experts can minimise your exposure to these threats and ensure you are meeting legislative requirements such as GDPR.

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