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  • The Wellington City Council (WCC) wanted to deliver quality outcomes without breaking the bank. Find out how Planit’s fast and flexible resources helped WCC achieve this goal.

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Mining & Resources

Mining & Resources

The resource sector is modern, forward facing and has always looked to increase efficiency. This has seen its organisations become leaders in the areas of automation, AI and data analytics. Innovations such as driverless mining vehicles and real-time monitoring of everything from ore quality to tire pressure are commonplace.

The industry’s drive for efficiency can only be outdone by its emphasis on safety and desire to mitigate real-world risks. That includes ensuring the integrity and resilience of critical systems responsible for OH&S for staff in remote locations, as well as embedding quality controls, security and monitoring into machinery and connected systems.

How We Can Help

  • Planit has worked extensively in the Resources sector across mining, oil and gas servicing major players including BHP, Rio Tinto and Woodside. Whether you are seeking strategic advice, require assistance in delivery optimisation or need a flexible partner to provide skilled quality specialists to help you embed quality in your project, we can help.

  • Building Quality, Automatically

    The applications of automation extend far beyond trucks and machinery. It should also be at the forefront of your mind when delivering software. By automating testing, environments, deployments and manual processes, you can increase both speed and quality in delivery.

  • Reliability in Extreme Environments

    Considering the remote and vast locations that resource organisations service, maintaining speed and response of applications and systems can be an extreme challenge. We can help you ensure reliability of your key systems, meet your performance goals and embed performance into your development lifecycle.

  • Technology at the Cutting Edge

    From wi-fi sensors to full-scale automated equipment and everywhere in between, our quality specialists can help you ensure your new tech is working as expected. With extensive experience in the resources sector, our innovation team are at the forefront of modern technology, including AI, Robotics and IoT.

  • Safety at the Coalface

    The industry’s heavy reliance on technology means that security breaches could not only result in data and IP loss, but also affect modern machinery and result in real-world harm including potential loss of life. Don’t risk a costly hijacking. Our security team can find vulnerabilities in applications and processes increasing your defences against cyber-attacks.

  • Unearthing Issues through Data Mining

    Autonomous machinery relies on a vast amount of sensor and geospatial data. It is critical that any anomalies within these data streams be promptly detected and handled. By using statistical models to review large data sets, our consultants can implement intuitive data mining programs that report on such events so that they can be mitigated.

  • Efficient New Ways of Working

    Market research has consistently found that organisations can benefit from significant speed and efficiency gains when adopting Agile and DevOps practices. With many resource companies embarking on a similar journey, we can help you get it right no matter whether you’re just setting out or if you want help maturing your transformation.

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Some of our Clients

  • Woodside
  • BHP
  • Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
  • Rio Tinto
  • Orica

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