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Agile Testing

Agile Testing

In today's dynamic landscape, failure to respond to market changes can have dire consequences for businesses. This has been a major driver in the movement to Agile as a means for adapting to market changes, taking advantage of emerging opportunities and unlocking value quicker.

Our consultants can help you realise the full potential of Agile through optimisation, coaching, training and delivery. Find out how we can help you see a faster time to market with quality embedded at every stage.

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Delivering Value with Quality

Benefit from Planit’s Agile expertise to mitigate your risks, ensuring functional and non-functional requirements are addressed within each iteration.

  • Testing Delivery

    Planit’s experienced Agile consultants are able to quickly integrate into your team, fully collaborating to deliver your business value on time. They help build quality into your products from initiation. Build it right first time.

  • Process Optimisation

    Leverage our experienced Agile practitioners to independently evaluate your organisation and provide tailored advice on improving your Agile transformation through reviews, retrospectives and health-checks.

  • Coaching & Mentoring

    Our experts are able to support your team in building effective tailored Agile processes, providing advice on resolving roadblocks or ensuring efficient work practices through ongoing mentoring and coaching. Start with success.

  • Training & Certification

    Build and benchmark your team’s Agile skills to form a cohesive and high-performing team, ensuring project success by maximising the benefits and efficiencies of Agile best practices. Higher morale, greater retention.

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Agile Testing Delivery

Our consultants will mentor your teams to optimise your test coverage, doing more with less, whilst eliminating waste of repeated or unnecessary tests.

  • Agile Test

    Driven by identification of product risks, test planning as part of iteration planning is a critical activity. Planit experts facilitate visibility of all testing activities.

  • Session Based

    Our testers ensure appropriate test coverage aligned to risk and value. They utilise exploratory and session-based testing to provide fast feedback and confidence.

  • Test

    Agile and automation have a common business driver – unlocking value quicker. Our experts will help you realise your return on investment optimising automation not only for regression.

  • Non-Functional Testing

    All non-functional attributes should be tested by the end of each iteration to be classified as ‘done”. Planit’s specialists can assist in implementing or improving these practices.

Agile Process Optimisation

Our unique Agile Process Optimisation review focuses on collective team quality to identify sustainable improvements which become habitual effective processes.

  • Remove

    A well facilitated retrospective will identify roadblocks. Using our expertise and best practice techniques, you can ensure that improvements are realised.

  • Optimise Test

    Test environments and data are often an inhibitor to speed. We can help you maximise the efficiency of your test environments and minimise costs.

  • Shift Left:
    Start Testing Sooner

    Streamline the delivery of your projects by starting testing sooner and delivering quality results faster across the whole team.

  • Create a
    Collaborative Culture

    We can help you establish the processes and practices necessary to effectively engender a collaborative culture inside and outside your teams.

Agile Coaching

Increased staff morale will result in greater staff retention. Provide your team with the tools that they need to create high performing teams.

  • Benchmark
    Your Team

    Build and benchmark your team’s Agile skills and capabilities to form a cohesive and high-performing team.

  • Agile Best

    Ensuring project success by maximising the efficiencies and benefits of Agile best practices through coaching by Agile experts.

  • Tailored Agile

    Our experts are able to support your team in building effective tailored Agile processes that fit within your context.

  • Agile

    We support your team through their whole Agile transformation, from designing the process to optimising as you mature.

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“We knew we wanted to go Agile, but did not have the expertise in-house to devise a strategy for testing nor capability to implement it. Planit came in and offered to deliver all this without disrupting our in-flight projects.”

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Our Agile Testing Clients

  • Australia Post
  • CBA
  • Cricket Australia
  • Dept of Justice
  • HBF
  • Macquarie Group
  • Medibank
  • MLC
  • Munich RE
  • NAB
  • NBN
  • NewsCorp
  • RAC
  • Sportsbet
  • Sydney Water
  • Transport for NSW