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DevOps Solutions

DevOps Solutions

DevOps is a cultural and organisational shift to enhance communication and collaboration between the entire IT team through the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. Automation plays a major role in realising the value of DevOps through increasing speed of delivery and allowing for faster feedback from your customers.

Success in DevOps is not achieved through automation alone. This is why Planit helps you create collaborative teams, improve definition and batching of work and enable customer feedback loops, allowing you to realise the full benefits of DevOps in your organisation.

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Evolve Your Practices

Planit's DevOps approach involves collaboration with business and IT leaders to identify and realise the earliest improvements with the most business value. Our experience ensures clients receive a truly independent assessment of the right tools and DevOps techniques to meet their business objectives.

  • Gain Pipeline Visibility

    A clear view of your application development lifecycle is crucial to a successful application strategy, and Planit’s DevOps solutions can help you to keep track of your application pipeline.

  • Accelerate Your Delivery

    Increase your speed to market with streamlined development and deployment practices assisted by Planit’s DevOps processes, people and tools.

  • Improve Customer Experience

    A efficient DevOps process can increase your speed to market and enable faster customer feedback to ensure your application is meeting customer expectations.

  • Increase Product Quality

    Utilising Agile development methodologies combined with efficient build and deployment allows you to test earlier and more often to decrease the defects reaching production.
  • Optimise Application Performance

    Build performance into your build and deployment process with Planit’s DevOps and Testing knowledge to ensure that your customers experience your application at its full potential.

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DevOps in the Mainstream

According to Gartner, DevOps will evolve from a niche to a mainstream strategy in 2016. Nonetheless, industry confusion still remains around the phrase ‘DevOps’, with no agreement on a common architecture approach.

There is consensus that some standard practices are needed including Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment and Continuous Release, but how exactly do you adopt a DevOps approach and where do you begin?

Let Planit show you the roadmap to DevOps success. Leverage our experience in both IT and Business to support your DevOps journey and realise the earliest improvements, maximum value and quality in delivery.

Your Roadmap to DevOps Success

  • Assess

    Planit can assess your current software development and deployment practices, level of automation, team collaboration and business goals to understand how best to implement your personal DevOps Roadmap.

  • Recommend

    Our DevOps roadmap clearly outlines prioritised recommendations with an approach and plan for implementation that is designed to achieve maximum ROI and start where it hurts the most.

  • Implement

    We can help you to implement a DevOps strategy, from automating manual and repetitive work, eliminating waste through process improvement down to tools selection, configuration, installation and validation.

  • Review

    Our DevOps consultants can help you to continuously improve your current processes with coaching, mentoring and advice to ensure that your DevOps journey is never standing still.

A Flexible Methodology

At the core of our DevOps approach is a constant feedback and optimisation process to ensure that value is being realised throughout the software delivery lifecycle.

Automated QA Solution

Planit’s DevOps solutions can get you to achieve automated execution of your automated test suites to help you build in quality and performance from the very beginning with every release.

Continuous Everything

Make testing the centre of your DevOps journey by integrating automated testing, system integration testing, service virtualisation and performance testing into every build. It's all possible with our Automated QA solutions.

Solutions Aligned with Your Goals

On-Premises, Cloud and Hybrid Solutions

The automation of deployment facilitates rapid feedback and trails, versioning and approvals needed in production.

Planit can help you to implement automated deployment of infrastructure and applications using tools that integrate with your existing workflows on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid with virtual and containerised infrastructure.

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“Our knowledge and time was limited within the development team when it came to testing and integrating this into our complete Continuous Integration solution. The Planit solution gives our developers fast feedback into the code quality and in turn, ensures a stable and testable application.”

Harry Christodoulou, Panviva

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